Places that are just bigger than you or I (30 photos)

These photos were taken by a talented artist named Cornel Pufan.

  • Shadow Sterks

    I too can shop you some photos like that :p

    • Superfresh

      How are they shopped?

      Why does every jackass say that a nice pic is shopped?

      • MaxSpain

        Well, since 95% of photographers use Photoshop for processing, i would say that the chances of this being “shopped” are pretty good.

        • Laura

          Yeah I agree with MaxSpain. All images go through some sort of processing, and most images need tweaking. I’m assuming the photoshopping you are thinking of is “copy and paste multiple images together.” In that case, no these dont look like that, the only ones that are really suspicious to me are 20 and 26. Of course, the saturation in a lot of these is kinda suspicious too…

          • jesus

            the pixels and what not

  • top dog

    Breath taking, all of em. I don’t think many of these places are in the States.

  • Maynard

    I don’t know about ‘bigger than you and I’ but it sure is foggy!

  • vitorla

    Wow. They better have good foglights in those places.

  • confused

    holy fuck der nice anyone know where they where taken?

  • WaRi

    I bet the #1 is some village in Czech Republic or Slovakia. 😛

  • jeff in Australia

    Thank you Chive. Nice places to go to in my head.

    • Ken

      Most of the places is my head have been shopped.

  • AbnerDoon

    This photographer appears to be heavily inspired by the art of Caspar David Friedrich.

  • donuteyes


  • a smartass

    many of these places appear to be on fire.

  • kp

    Theme = haziness

  • KS

    Yeah, it’s “you or ME”, not “you or I”, but whatev…

  • The Snake

    Those are some really cool pics, actually.

  • Brandon

    #8 is pretty ominous looking.

  • AI

    some of them are in Romania

    • bogdan

      the photographer is romanian. and i think that all the pictures are from romania


    when I saw the first photo,I though this is Romania or northern Croatia.
    …but photos are obviously photoshopped, but overall they are beautiful.

  • Robert

    What was it like?

  • Vang

    Whats your favorite time of day and what do you usually do during it? If youre not free to do what you want, what would you otherwise be doing?

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