Some people play videogames others unnecessarily pimp their rides (36 Photos)


  • confused

    some people need to get their head checked

  • Alan

    The shopping cart with the blown big block chevy is cool and everyone knows it

  • ChrisDG74

    I want #3. #34 and #35 – please kill yourselves now. Do us all a favor.

    • Zooks

      You want #3?? Please go kill yourself now.

  • Anonymous

    19 kicks ass….

    wtf is up with 35, is that shopped? i mean, i know thats a dumb question, but fuck, man, is that dude serious? does it have one of those door ladders like one of those lear jets?

  • top dog

    Most of these are just….stupid. #14 is ok, thats a man bike.


    #17 is just great advertisement!

  • Joe Clyde

    #12 is pretty cool.

  • bubble_rider86

    haha….i knew there’d be a “mystery machine”…..seriously ppl…..FYL

  • Laura

    I think #35 is overcompensating for something…Seriously their junk must be like, inverted or something for them to go that over the top

  • dr3w

    2 and 18 are pretty rawesome

  • redneck

    #35 is totally non-drivable if its not a shop. there is no driveshaft and there appears to be no rear axle, either

  • no wayman91

    #26 What happens if you see a speedbump?????

  • Matt

    That skeleton hog looks badass. Everything else is just plain stupid, but that hod i would totally ride.

  • Ken

    Volvo’s got a boner.


  • echodave

    I’ve had cars before where I’ve just said, what the f==k. Might as well get creative with the ambivalence.

  • Vic

    wouldn’t whoever’s riding #3 look like they’re sodomizing the skeleton?

  • pedobear's neighbor

    Pedobear drives #28… Parks it next to his ice cream truck and white panel van at night.

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