You’ll never guess what this office is made out of (16 photos)

  • top dog

    Thats pretty cool!

  • random

    a 3 story office made of paper thin steel…what could possibly go wrong?

    • Superfresh

      They are shipping containers, often stacked 4 or 5 high on the deck of cargo ships.

      They’re much more sturdy than they look.

  • paco

    Hot in Summer. Cold in Winter.

  • CunningLinguist

    i bet its hot as fuck in the summer. its not exactly paper thin either.

  • Phil

    they can insulate it. i’d like to see inside.

  • Jason

    Being that I am in Iraq now working out of one of those things, it sucks. Its only getting to about 75 degree’s outside but the metal makes the roof over 100 degrees. Combined with a A/C unit that is clearly not designed for my size of “building” that dies, it just cannot cool down a metal box.

    Likewise when it got really cold in Jan. It just could not heat up.

    Thanks Chive for giving me and my soldier’s smiles each and everyday downrange. 1st Post

    • HellHathNoFury

      You guys win Awesome of the Year Award.

    • LOL

      Jason…thank you so much for putting your ass (and other various parts) on the line for us. It means the world to me. Truly. I couldn’t do anything I do…raise my kids, breathe free, work, live, any of it…if it weren’t for folks like you doing your job. I know first hand what it takes out of your whole family. Thank you.

      As for the building…yes I did guess what it was made out of. 🙂 Looks like legos. 🙂 It’d be fun to watch…not so much fun to live…apparently. 😦

      • damn

        Kick ass Jason. Thanks for your service to our country.

        • iraqi

          get out of my country.all of ye may be breathing freely but i most certainley am not.get out of my country ur not welcome.

          • HellHathNoFury

            Why don’t you go ask your government for all the things Americans have provided for you? We’ll be picking up your head on one side of the road and your body on the other.

            • iraqi

              why dont u stop justifying wars on bullshit.we may have been living under a dictator but now we live in had no buisnees coming here.we never did anything against you, no we live with no clean water no food ive lost 2 of mysons and my daughter and my wife, why because of bullshit weapons of mass destruction my ass.i hope you can live withyourself knowing that you support bullshit that got ten of thousands of people killed.

            • HellHathNoFury

              Bull. all those things happened to you and yet you’re sitting around on a frivolous website, with internet and a computer even though you say you have no water or fooda dn half your family is dead? We never did anything against you? Ha! your religion says to behead the infidels *non-muslims*
              Not all american females are uneducated dipshits that don’t know politics or history. Although that’s how you want it.

          • aosux

            I’m callin bullshit. You’re probably some leftist bastard sittin in San Francisco takin shit. If I ever saw you on the street I would curb check you’re teeth right out of your head for being so disrespectful.

  • Regina

    classic move……it will soon to rust, just like the business

  • xclusive02

    are those railroad cars?

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      Uh, no. Shipping containers are much smaller than freight cars. Also, shipping containers are designed to interlock; freight cars, not so much…

  • Mark

    They built one of these in Phoenix. used 1 inch of insulating foam on the inside, so probably not too hot.

  • jeff in Australia

    Love the imagination used here… is this called thinking inside the box..?

  • dlq

    wouldnt want to find out my office was made of these during a lightning storm!

  • Irwin109

    Part of our college was made like this…

  • Dingo

    i know what i am going to make my home out of now….with a pool right underneath the second story windows so we can cool off as quickly as possible

  • Gonz

    goodbye cell phone reception, didn’t think of that did you

  • echodave

    maybe someone lost a bet.

  • Sejfo

    FOOD?? Are the current food cotrcatnors being replaced? If so when? Is there any plans to promote sustainability, local produce and suppliers. If food service is changing may I suggest you invite the parents in for a taster lunch to sample to food they will be feeding their children. I would also like to be given an ingredients list of all proposed food items. If not satisfied can a packed lunch be brought into school? Currently at KEQMS packed lunches are not allowed at infant or junior level.

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