Creative bottles/bottle holders remind me how much I love non-coorporate companies (20 Photos)


  • confused

    unique and awesome i want to buy some of them

  • anonymous

    “coorporate” ?? nice…..

  • Anonymous

    ok, I’ve seen 19 somewhere i just cant remember where…

  • Brooklyn

    OMG I totally have that skull bottle (18) sitting in my room, I just finished it last night ❤

  • Dom

    I’ve had 18, it comes from Newfoundland. The Vodka In it Isn’t the greatest but the bottle is a nice keepsake.

    • Anonymous

      It’s called Crystal Head Vodka, Dan Aykroyd promotes it.

      • Dan

        It's overpriced and taste like lighter fluid….terrible

  • Brandon

    Oh #16, so delightfully racist. And i’m pretty sure #4 wouldn’t quite qualify as “sexy” to most women.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I want 17! How fitting for 8

  • BartenderJay

    I’ve seen the machine gun bottle at a bar before in Chicago. And yeah, the skull bottle is made by Dan Akroyd. Who knew……

  • bktscrambler

    Where can I get the horse wine bottle holder?

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    #5: Anubis does not look amused.

  • Cleveland

    I want to share a bottel with HellHath

    • HellHathNoFury

      We could share a bottel in a hottel. I’ll bring a moddel.

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