If you appear in any of the following photos, please move to Canada (25 photos)

  • Anonymous

    I like how everyone assumes that all of these pics were taken in the U.S.

    #2 is obviously not, #7 looks more like some ridiculous Paris fashion show (ok, maybe NY), #8 could very well be in Canada, #11 could be anywhere but two of the people are smoking and everyone knows we just don't allow that here anymore!, #12 who the hell knows where that snake is, #13 happened in Egypt, #19 probably elsewhere (maybe Hawaii?), #22 is somewhere in Asia (notice the writing on the wall?), #25 the van has a Euro license plate.

    • Anonymous

      As far as Larry the Cable Guy – our state department has already apologized for him on numerous occasions! (sorry, had to steal a line from South Park the Movie)

    • ddb

      Pretty sure Hawaii is still part of America

  • firsty mcfirsterson


  • Frearthandox

    #18 is actually really badass!

    • damn

      go ahead and start packing

  • bigbobber

    Better yet, just remove yourself from Earth. Especially, #2, #3, the kid in #11, and I would say #13 but he’s not going to reproduce anyway.

    • bigbobber

      oops, I missed one…anyone that says “first” instead of actually commenting.

  • Lang

    What’s with the Canada wise-crack???

    • http://www.freewebs.com/555666 Irwin109

      I’m wondering the same. Never know Larry The Cable Guy to be pro-Canada really!


    Just wanted to see my avatar>>>>>>>>

  • Mattythegooch

    Thanks to Rosey Grier, my needlepoint slacks are nearly complete.

  • Phil

    nah…. They better stay where they come from… Canada is a less moron land then many other countries.. not to mentionned them.. but #1, #3 and #6 can give you a good idea… :P:

    • vitorla

      Awww poor Canada’s upset because they lost in hockey to a bunch of kids. Awwwwww.

  • garp

    …please do not move here, our dumbass quota is full

  • at work

    hahah 24

  • Brandon

    Nah, we don’t want them. They can try Mexico instead.

    • El Mero Chingon

      Hey, pinche ojete. Why does it have to be Mexico, pendejo? De seguro que te la jala tu abuela.

  • Brian

    8 can stay

    • Big Bob

      I’ve got room for #14…on my face! She can stay too.

  • Mark

    8 is in Canada

  • The Trash man

    I HATE those muslims who live in western countries and just bitch about how they dislike it and hate everything about it. I wish they would fuck off to Pakistan seen as that is the ‘official’ state of Islam and just be happy there.

    not only do they annoy and cause a tonne of hate, they make life worse for any muslim, and brown people in general.

    • The Trash man

      (obv in response about #2)

  • Jason

    Dude, we don’t want them up here. …except for #7; that could be convenient. (Oh, and that’s me in #8.)

  • aluminum

    Im very confused by the title

    so if im a deer in snow, you want me to move to canada?
    If Im Larry the cable guy (an american redneck staple) move to canada? where his jokes have never made us laugh?
    Budweiser truck? thats your beer not ours, we dont drink that crap.
    Sheesh u raised these morons, keep em in your yard pls.

    Product of their environment ppl.

    • Huh?

      I guess that would explain why Larry is playing in Kamloops BC on March 3rd. I’ve also seen Bud on tap when I was in Vancouver.

      USA 5, Hat 3… suck it!

  • theghosttown

    we dont want your trash in canada

    • Anonymous

      Just put them 100+ miles north of the border. You know, where no Canadians live!

      btw – coincidence that a Canadian got a John Candy avatar?

  • Noquarter

    Seriously, does anyone know the name of the song mentioned in #17? I love that song!

    dun dun dun dun
    dun dun dun dun
    dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

    ….is it “While My Guitar Gently Weeps?”

    • clickhere

      srsly is it one by swedish house mafia ?

  • Anonymous

    “proof that America sucks” should be the title …………..

  • Shawn

    Too bad you spelled the title of the page wrong….lol….doign

  • dougster3000

    Typical American sentiment……sad really.

    • Poindexter G. Flabbenbottom

      ALL ABOARD the anti-American bandwagon … idiots ride for free! WEEEEEE!

      …more like typical American humor, which can go over the head of some. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, get out – you don’t understand the dynamic between the two.

      • dougster3000

        Showing everyone again how sarcasm is the lowest form of humour.

        Well done, Yank!

        Do you think the anti-american bandwagon created itself? Your ignorance brings it on yourself.

        • Poindexter G. Flabbenbottom

          I didn’t even mention where I’m from or where in North America I live. And unfortunately for your pissed off sense of reality, the dumb American stereotype is just that.

          And it’s a damn big country in case you hadn’t noticed, so maybe you should think your biases through before sticking to them.

        • NibNob

          “Do you think the anti-american bandwagon created itself? Your ignorance brings it on yourself.”

          Seems like someone is a bit confused about the meaning of the word ignorance. How could you defend a stereotype in one sentence and label the reader ignorant in another? (Tomorrow, class, we’ll learn the definition of “hypocrit.”)

          The bandwagon didn’t create itself, but the snowball effect did take place after people like you hopped on for want of some kind of bearable self-identity.

          Generalisations are built on assumption, then turn ugly when mixed with ignorance. The most bizarre part is, you’ve made yourself look more ignorant than any American ‘caricature.’

        • NibNob

          Btw, you said, “sarcasm is the lowest form of humour.”

          But then you went on to proclaim, SARCASTICALLY:

          “Well done, Yank!”

          Ok now I’m realising I’m wasting my breath with this idiot moron…….

          • dougster3000


            • ing

              in other words, doug should immediately move to Canada

    • turdfergusson

      Typical pretentious douchbaggery. You aren't so smart, get over yourself.

  • krisb

    I don’t know what IDK means either…..

  • krisb

    I’m black?!

    • Anonymous

      does dad know?

  • Anonymous

    whats wrong with the dragon tattoo? its stupid looking, but a lot of tattoos are..

  • nelly02

    you lot need to calm down! for fucks sake, just some (not very funny) photos!

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