If you appear in any of the following photos, please move to Canada (25 photos)

  • zencat

    We’ll take 14 and 15, the rest of them can stay where they are or move to Alabama

    • Eric

      Good idea!

  • HellHathNoFury

    So much whining, and I wasn’t even here to start it. I’m off to the store. I’ll pick up some midol and tampons for you.

  • A Concerned Canadian

    Why would we want them?

  • smackhead

    the techno song is called sandstorm

  • pet

    pretty sure #8 is already in Canada

  • capns

    Wait…. We don’t want them up here in Canada!

  • kma

    If you appear in number 19, you don’t have to move to Canada. You can stay in Norway and keep being awesome .

  • schnit123

    The damned thing about #17 is that if you look it up on Yahoo answers they actually figured out what song the guy is talking about. I don’t know what that says about techno geeks.

  • C

    Don’t you ever attempt to rip on Rosey Grier again. That dude was one badass mutha (shut yo mouth).

  • canadian class

    gold medals, health care, better economy. We are doing fine here….keep your garbage

  • jeff in Australia

    Reading the comments makes me glad I live in Australia. Please all of you… stay where you are..

  • Dave from Canada

    Meh, idiots exist everywhere. Canada, US, UK… everywhere. I think the implication was for these people to, “please move far away”. A sentiment we can all express universally for all idiots. Unfortunately not everyone shares the same beliefs on what’s stupid and what’s not. Just chuckle at some photo’s and move on. 😉

  • turdfergusson

    WTF happened to that snake in #12?

    Also, Canada isn't sooooo bad, they have all nude strip clubs that serve hard alcohol!!

  • canadianbroad


    What'd we ever do to you that you'd wish the world's morons on us?

  • Sainsbury

    Take care of your garbage, we got enuf of our own up here.

  • Andrea

    Move to Canada? Keep your obese, ignorant, uninsured and unemployed population where they belong, thanks. I'll enjoy my two square kilometres of space, free health care, superior education and equal rights up here. Oh, and our economy is a lot better than yours, too. Alors, va chier le gros criss!(we're awesome and speak French, too!)

  • Anonymous

    You keep’em all except for 14, we’ll take her

  • Xyz

    23 is house near where I live in South Wales, UK. Very nice people.. just a bit more imaginative than your average! They also have spotty cars.

  • Pezski

    I juge #5 to be an arsehole.

    While #6 has balls of steel.

  • dollybakerton

    #8 this could very well be canada already

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