My local bartender is HOT, meet Malie (22 Photos)

malie hot 17 11 My local bartender is HOT, meet Malie (22 Photos)

I live in Venice Beach, California aka paradise. Just down the block from my house is a prohibition era bar called the Townhouse. Walk in on any given Friday or Saturday night and you’ll find an enchanting girl named Malie Fernandez ‘bartendressing’, stealing the attention spans of every guy in the joint. Malie is a super-hybrid of sorts: Originally from Hawaii, she’s Chinese-Portuguese-Irish-Scottish-Dutch-German-English-Norwegian-Cave Woman (that last one depends on how much Jameson she drinks).
Malie is the choreographer for The Speakeasies, a sexy group that stages a burlesque show every Wednesday at the Townhouse ON TOP OF THE GODDAMNED BAR. When I first met Malie I fully expected her to be half-a-retard (it is LA), but she’s a clever girl with her own clothing line and a classically trained pianist and dancer. In her spare time, she enjoys reading encyclopedias whilst puffing away on corn pipes and the occasional game of strip cricket.
But I leave it to you, Chivers. Enjoy…

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