The kings of nowhere (16 Photos)

  • Frank

    That last island was given to Bjork in Iceland in recognition for her contributions to Iceland.

    • T

      Are you sure they didn’t just ‘give’ bjork the island so that no one would have to listen to her music anymore?

  • russia

    these are cool

  • Frearthandox

    Hey man you wanna come to my house for dinner?

    Sorry man I can’t I used up all my vacation time when we went to Vegas.

  • Ken

    #6 would be my choice. Looks like western Virginia, maybe Bucks Co. PA.

    “Bjork Island” looks like a joke to me. The island is surrounded by cliffs so the only way on there looks to be by Helicopter. There is not a single tree. No beach, no dock to fish off of. Looks cold, the seas look rough… No thanks!

    • garp

      …it’s a love nest, you go there to bjork all night

  • confused

    cool i want to go to no where

  • Vectus

    I see they took down the McDonald’s on that one island…

    • boneman

      …yeah. They blew it up….

  • Ken

    But I bet there is still a Starbucks!

    • boneman

      no…they blew that up, too….

  • Weezy

    The view at night would be awesome. Stars everywhere.

    • boneman

      nah…as soon as Hollywood is done with Star fleet, we’re going to blow those up, too.

      • sock puppet

        Hollywood can’t even write a new script. I guess they’ll be on the star fleet after they finish “re-booting” Spider-Man and Red Dawn.

  • uberbrie

    MMMMM….Bora Bora…I want to go there!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I love #5.

  • loomragwoodtwin

    # 6 & 15 rule

  • RocknRollDr.

    16 and 7 look like the best sledding spots ON EARTH

  • elsupimpa

    Oh fuck, i hate these auto win things, if u own it , U win, u dont need to do anything more in life cuz u won”

  • Anon

    #5 is in the 1000 islands in Canada

    • HellHathNoFury

      Ooh! I’ll catch the ferry if you’ll meet me there!

  • Irwin109

    1. Bjork is awesome!
    2. I’d love to fuck off away from the rest of the world like this!

  • jeff in Australia

    I like 7.. oh…. and 7

  • Anonymous


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