The Star Wars Fan’s dream home theater (16 Photos)

Oh, somewhere out there my brother is praying for a means of buying this house.

  • Anonymous


    • confused

      Hmmm i wonder if i could afford to do that although i highly doubt it

      well done you after all does pictures all you could say was “first… what a plain and simple idiot you are

  • Joel in San Clemente

    Amsome… and sad…

    • Big Bob

      Sad that most of us don’t have enough money to do that? I agree.

      Who cares how he spends his money? Some buy overpriced artwork, some get a yacht, others love Italian sports cars. So this guy loves Star Wars…why is that sad? To each his own dude!

  • at work

    i wonder how much this cost

    • Stafferty

      This looks extremely expensive, however, it is cheaper than him getting a grilfreind. This is possibly a sound financial strategy.

      • confused

        you know with that kind of money he probably already has a girlfirend

        • Stafferty

          C-3PO in a lace teddy does not count as a girlfriend

          • HellHathNoFury

            It doesn’t?
            Now you tell me.

  • Ken

    Love the games room.

  • Hokum

    I bet star trek would look great on that screen.

  • Matt


  • misainzig


  • Rusty

    That… one of the most awesome homes that I have ever seen.

  • femtrooper

    Get rid of C-3PO and I loves it. that shiney bastard always rubbed me the wrong way..

  • Captain Pasty

    I want.

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  • techgeek

    Don’t know overall price but I recognize the Meridians in the equipment rack and they are VERY expensive. Tens of thousands in just the equipment rack and if those speakers are Meridian also then the system is well over $100grand.

  • nvrenuf

    just goes to show some people have more money than sense. I’d probably sell an R2D2 and buy a larger screen to show the movie on.

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  • McBeastie

    All that paraphernalia and a screen the size of something you can get at BestBuy. Would have thought it would be bigger (and nobody better say “that’s what she said”).

  • the_truth_seaker

    Umm…this looks shopped, I can tell by the pixels and seeing quiet a few shops in my time.

  • it is shopped

    the second picture is a bedroom, the rest of the house is starwars themed.

    why only one half ass interior theater shot, and the projector shot makes no fucking sense. that guy would NOT have that.

  • mith

    Loks like huge waste of money.

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