Daily Afternoon Randomness (26 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    I love the German Shepard!

    18…Michael, that was a private party, I said no pics.

    • smallchinaman

      The Chive was better when you were a part of the community. Where did you go, are you seeing Reddit now?

  • parsec second

    florida/ sigh

  • kp

    Full of winning pics!!!!!!!

  • Foley

    crack is a hell of a drug.

  • Regina


    • Anonymous

      Yep, no weirdos in NYC!

  • Ranger Danger

    #14 I LoL’d

  • olis

    ive seen that car around orlando(and im from chicago)………….real sad

  • McBeastie

    Weird….I’ve seen that car four or five times. But only at the exact same intersection the pic was taken at.

  • big dog

    #1, he missed it by thay much.

  • Crabieguy

    I feel so sorry for the guy in #21.

  • Allan

    That's too bad the Jack Daniels froze…best way to keep warm in the winter

    • that guy

      Happens to me ice fishing all the time. it is only cool until you are cold!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    #1… this much bigger to ride this ride

  • NickthedicK

    #16- where did I see this before? Oh, thats right, here on the chive today.

  • Wills1215

    The skeleton with the black guy amuses me. You can see the sores on her mouth. I hope he doesnt think she is hot. Then again he has beads in his hair like little 8 year olds wear.

    Nice couple.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, what the hell is that thing? Might be piercings on her mouth though, not sores.

      #2 is awesome

  • eugene hash house paradigm

    Canine AT-AT with Flashdance leggings. I think I found my Halloween partner.

  • rain

    Do not chive whilst in a business meeting, you WILL snort your coffee!!!

  • rain

    oh i love my new pipe… 🙂

  • pet

    #1 you have to be atlest this big.

  • ChrisDG74

    Little girl in #10: Daddy!! It’s ‘puff, puff, give!!’. Quit bogartin’ the weed or I’ma smack you.

  • cooluhl

    What is wrong with America, you may ask? Picture #19 is your answer.

    • LiquidE

      Is that hotdog buns under the piggie in blk shirt?

  • Big Bob

    To the guy in #12 – Don’t stop now, you haven’t fully inflated your blow-up doll yet.

  • http://misainzig.wordpress.com misainzig

    I wonder how drunk the guy in #19 is.

    • Crazy_Jake

      Drunk enough where everything is SMALLER than they are in reality.
      Fcking Gross..

  • Ken

    The girl in #12 is shopped right. Please let her be shopped!

    Anybody know where the picture of the kewl trees in #15 was taken?

    • Huse

      Socrata island is where trees like that grow; the whole island looks alien.

  • confused

    Ninja deer is awesome…

  • LadyBodom

    I can totally relate with #3. I just dont understand the whole FaceBook fad. I cant even navigate myself around the site. Not at all bothered by it tho! AND #19 COME ON!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THATTTTT

    • Rick

      I concur. I can do almost anything on the interwebs, even built a few sites. Facebook? I can’t use it. I guess that they were trying to make everything super user friendly…just ended up as an annoying child safety cap of a site.

      • Cohzy

        dude its a joke about the "become a fan" button on facebook turning you into an actual fan.

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