Daily Afternoon Randomness (26 Photos)

  • C'

    The best thing is that I’ve seen the last one in real life!

  • Spankster

    #11: Gotta love Bonnaroo! #20: Did anyone else expect this to be an animated gif where the eyes slowly open or am I the only one who will be having nightmares about this tonight?

  • jay_brg

    How/Where can I buy #23?

  • G1880

    do not pull the ripcord.

  • Finn_The_Human

    #13 Wtf is that? She's so creepy!

  • reaperACTUAL

    #13 This kids, is why you dont do drugs or drink alcohol when you are pregnant!
    …Im STILL laughing at #18…

  • Telephone Man

    #1 is outside Grand Island, Nebraska. Go Islanders!

  • Shibs

    #10 actutally looks like the number 10

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