• smackhead

    she isnt that hott….

    • Matt

      I think you need to check yourself into the GA… Gays Anonymous.

  • confused

    ehh i think i need some alone time

  • Mustafa_Beer

    In #4, she looks like Danica Patrick. I'd still hit it like a fat girl hits a box of chocolates

  • vitorla

    Oh my…ohhhh my my….ohhh dear ohhh myyy. Not hot? Pass the peace pipe to the next idiot, dude. She's absolutely gorgeous.

    • confused

      i agree she is amazing and the other guy is blind

      • vitorla

        Numbers 4 & 10 just do it for me in so many ways.

  • ozzie

    other guy is gay…not blind. She's a dime piece for sure

    • confused

      i'm going to stick with the whole him being blind as i know gay guy's that agreed she was hot

    • its_forge

      Naw, he's just an idiot; even gay guys know a pretty girl when they see one. My (gay) boss used to walk behind the admin assistants in our department and go "dang girl, nice ass" and he wasn't kidding, they did have.

  • smackhead

    you dudes suck at comparisons, the chive has shown hotter!

  • slutifer

    body: 10

    face: 6

    • Big Bob

      My verdict – Body 9.5, face 8

      A 6, are you kidding me? A six is an average looking woman and she is not anywhere near an average looking woman!

  • JDR

    Smackhead…you have really horrible taste for women..i'm sure you're fascinating about Betty Davis right or love hitting the cows. This is the hottest model Chive has put on to date.

  • top dog

    HUNGRY!!! forrrr sure.

  • Foley


  • forge

    Lordy, you don't see that many slim young women with nice hips. I mean, she's no Raquel Welch but hooyah, nice dang figure girlie.

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  • Anonymous

    hey fuck her! I did!

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  • sanju

    she is really hot.

  • Eduardo

    She bornt in the state where I live here in Brazil called Minas Gerais and I can tell you, the girls in here are pretty gorgeous as her but very very very snooty.

  • cristiano


  • Jessica Jenson

    Great article! I love all the details you added, it was all very imformative.I am looking forward to reading more of your articles.Keep up the good work

  • Bear6

    damn this is the first brunette i think i would smash

  • allefallen

    I'd give anything to be able to wake up next to her ever morning…

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  • Magda

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