Hilary Duff’s boyfriend proposes, she ‘loses earring’ in his lap (7 Photos)

By the way, the ring cost over a Million bucks.
[Source] [Source] originals (we think) from the great Bauer-Griffin

  • orion

    The face for how hard i’m laughing has not been invented

    • Mr_Hym

      I think it has, and it’s in your avatar.

  • Stanley

    that made my day. go duffster

  • parker

    holy LOL

  • CharlesDarwin

    Seems like a pretty steep price for a bj.

  • Laura

    Tip of the hat to whoever got these pics!

  • wastefull

    yeah for a million $$ she better suck the skin off my dick

  • Yanush

    TMI wastefull but I get ur point

  • bigrye

    I can’t hear you, speak loudly and deeply into my penis.

    • T

      hahahah well played sir, well played

  • ChrisDG74

    slurp slurp gulp

  • NTFW

    diamonds, she’ll pretty much have to…

  • First!


    • Anonymous

      ^ Way to dramatically fail!

      How long were you looking at the pictures before you commented? Or is your computer just that slow?

      • Not close to first!

        HA HA!! Complete and utter failure! Serves you right. Anyone that posts “FIRST” should get cancer, I hope you get cancer!

      • First!

        I never said i was first to post! I am the first to say First……

        LOL GO ME…..FTW!!!!

        • FAIL!

          Die in a car crash before a loved one’s wedding.

        • confused

          no your not FTW you fail… Fail’s punishment is not serious enough for you

          Also goddamn it i thought they would break up and i could slip in there and console her ah well guess i’ll have to go with Cheryl Cole instead

          • First!

            You must be confused….Hillary Duff or Cheryl Cole wouldnt date a fat virgin star treck fan.

            • confused

              actually i’m not that fat and the only time i seen star trek was at that new movie that came out before that never seen it

            • Anonymous

              ok so you dont like the trek and your not fat….but you never denied being a virgin 🙂

            • First!

              Ok… so your not a fan of the Trek and your not fat….but you never denied being a virgin 😀


  • Anonymous

    Nom nom nom nom nom

  • Nobody

    I wonder how she got her earring lost in his penis.

  • ladyguitarstar

    so squeaky clean duff likes to squeaky clean her bf’s knob. Interesting.

  • at work

    go mike comrie!

  • nomad

    Come on… Women are not materialist. Its just that nothing says more I love you than a piece of carbon mined by abducted children slaves in Africa

  • Mo

    Diamond ring and a pearl necklace. What more could a girl want?

  • pong

    Open market capitalism at it’s best. Goods and services. Welcome to Hollywood.

  • Sarah

    Like Ron White said “Diamonds, that’ll shut her up!” Guess he was right. lmao.

    • Warped

      Haha Yes! Ron White said it perfectly!

  • http://schango.wordpress.com schango


    • First!

      High Fives!! Woot Woot

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Guess Disney lost another one…

  • vitorla

    I don’t understand what is with all these NHL players going after my sloppy seconds.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I love how he’s looking Right. At. The. Camera.

  • markkens

    Wiener peeler. Oh, It’s time for my closeup Now you can cuddle.

  • Jozsef

    Isn’t that the Shamwow and Slap-Chop guy?

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