Hot Right Now: Booty Scoops are here to start your weekend off right (34 photos)

Hilary Duff’s boyfriend proposes, she ‘loses earring’ in his lap (7 Photos)

By the way, the ring cost over a Million bucks.


originals (we think) from the great Bauer-Griffin

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  • HellHathNoFury

    Hold up….please tell me in #3 she’s not taking a Facebook engagement ring picture. Kill her before she can post it!!!! Not really, she’s pretty.

  • hoovus

    Get’er done Comrie!

  • dr3w

    my thoughts exactly!

  • Jade

    Her head is too high for a BJ.

    • hoovus

      not unless he’s got horse dick tucked under them pants lol

  • P-90

    He’s on his knees and pops the question.
    She’s on her knees and he pops his load.

  • P-90

    Oh and there is probably a joke here about ‘going down’ on one knee but I can’t think of it.

  • The Hand

    Yeah, you can see Comrie’s face at the end, he knows what’s going on.

  • Irwin109

    When did Duff turn Fugly?!

  • Da Sandman

    a million dollar ring vs a bj… well if it's a bj from duff: HELL YEAH

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