My baby is tougher than yours. No really (8 Photos)

Battle tested babies are trained to go through a gauntlet of tests.

  • Regina

    another post for "BAD PARENTING"

    • All mighty Craig

      right? smh

  • ChrisDG74

    Emo kids would love these. So many sharp edges.

    • God

      Fresh joke!

      • mook

        Fuck you god, its all your fault.

  • smackhead

    that teddy bear is pretty sweet

  • nellyo2

    fucking cool! must send some to my ex for her baby!!

  • shaf

    thats not dangerous or anything…

  • Anon

    props from the sequel to Seven

  • pong

    I think it’s art. Fairly vacuous art, but art nonetheless.

    I think the “Teddy bear” is supposed to be a suit of armour.

  • confused

    oh wow… i wonder how many parents would buy these for their kids

    • Anonymous

      i did. If you can find a faster way of making your kid a metal head let me know!

  • ladyguitarstar

    these are just stupid.

  • dr3w

    I’ll take this into advisement, but I’ll probably just play metal (music) for my (currently nonexistant) babies… the brutality of metal is something that takes a good while to get exposed to.

  • Eirik

    Nice bike, it would really’ve been helpful beating my brother in our indoor bicyclerace, around on the harwood floor in the livingroom.

  • Sean Martinez

    These were used to raise Chuck Norris.

  • equalizermax

    Looks steampunk to me…

  • Amanda Bick

    Ok I seriously want the baby stroller in image 3. And the baby suit of armor what better way to fight off zombies?!

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