Pagani Zonda Tricolore is nicer than my car (10 Photos)

This little dove will set you back about 1.3 million euros, or about $1.75M in American funds. Which is lot I’m told.

  • bigrye

    Is that a retractable dildo in the driver’s seat?

    Ouch. Balls intact? FAIL. “My 2 million dollar car smashed them during an electrical failure that caused unintentional dildo deployment,” he squeaked ballessly.

    • Jozsef

      Yeah man, 1.3M Euros? Now if that was a pussy in the driver’s seat, maybe.

      • MichaelGS

        i think you’ll find its a cushion, because to push this thing to its limit you have to have balls of steel and they can be very heavy and require their one support system

        • MichaelGS

          edit: their OWN support system

  • Balls deep

    looks slow

  • vitorla

    The interior looks like shit. Give me an Aston Martin any day.

    • garp

      …amen, looks like it was designed to keep an ADD video-game addict in check…come to think of it, the whole thing is shit-ridden cry for attention….a carbon grey carreraS and a tailored italian suit and bank the rest of that 2 mil is a way smarter choice

  • Rockstar

    that thing can go from idle to 100 km in less tahn 4 seconds.tell me how slow is that.

  • hoovus

    i don’ t think its almost 2 mil for how pretty it looks, moreso the rarity (i doubt no more than 10 of these will hit the street) and engineering. there’s only like 50 Zonda F’s to date. plus if Pagani has made it anything like the F it’ll have a drag coefficient of a fish and enough carbon fiber to make the Enzo jealous. throw in that high revving Merc V12 and you got an expensive car. And if you want a good looking car buy an Aston, but this thing is gushing “exotic” from every angle

  • hoovus

    So it turns out only 1 will be built. Darn I almost took out 4 more mortgages

  • billthewelder

    Outsides not bad but god that interior would blind a man.

  • jeff in Australia

    Think you have to learn to drive, this beautiful looking machine, with one hand.
    The other will be on another type of gear stick.

  • Matt

    all you haters can screw yourselves. The Zonda is one badass racing machine.

    • MichaelGS

      I would give my left testicle for one of these… not the right one though im pretty attachd to the right one

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