Soldiers blowing off some steam (25 photos)

Are you a soldier? Do you F-off for fun? Then send us your goofy photos to thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll make ya famous. Do it for your country -whatever country you may be in.

If you are Taliban, please send us a photo of you tea bagging Bin-Laden and we will make you the lead-in photo and send you a free T-shirt from Please include your name, the date and location of the photo, so we can give you credit and send your T-shirt.

  • cristi

    after murdering some kids and women in Iraq they could use some playing time

    • cristi's never used douche

      and after making a comment like that, you should just do the world and favor and kill yourself cristi.

      • iraqi

        i lost 2 sons, a daughter and a wife, should i kill myelf aswell. they have no buisnees staying in my country they should leave.

        • Feedng the troll

          Wow, what an utterly amazing coincidence that you lost kids and a woman (exactly what cristi said) in Iraq! Yes, you should kill yourself because nobody likes a troll.

          • HellHathNoFury

            TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!!!!!
            Thought you should know.

            • iraqi

              you know when u lose a wife and kids life losses its taste aswell,so yeah maybe i should kill myself.

        • deeznuts

          I agree. we should leave your shitty country. in a few months you will get ass fucked by iran. good thing you have lots of oil for lube.

        • Deployed Soldier

          You should write a letter to your congressman… o wait….

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      How about we drop Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in downtown Mosul and call it even?

    • RiHughes

      Cristi, No women and children killed on 9/11 huh? Or murdered by Taliban huh? Or murdered by Sadaam Hussein huh? Yeah, I bet they long for the good old days when it was their own government murdering them.

      Iraqi, if you truly lost your family, I am sorry. However you are more than likely just a troll. After all if you just lost your family why are you spending your days online looking at bikini pics and fart jokes. Not mourning too hard huh?

      • HellHathNoFury

        I love you, Ri. That is all.

      • iraqi

        who said im looking at bikini models and fart jokes i stumbled on this site,and i did lose my family 2 years ago,u still want me to mourn, ive left my country so i could heal, i find anything about trying to make a war into a funny post as disrespectful, we had no weapons the taliban came after ye invaded, nobody should go through why my country has gone through, but as some of the memebers on this site are too ignorant to know what is actually happened.we may have been under a dictator but u could do watever u wanted as long as u didnt say shit about him,we lived in peace and safety.why dont ye take ur sons home,its better for everyone

        • Navy guy

          believe me we want to go home. but if anyone points a weapon at me while i'm overseas self preservation i will kill them. so stop teaching your women and children to do your fighting for you.

    • Deployed Solider

      go have a Big Mac while you think of a more clever insult.

    • sparky

      Cristi, How dare you?? That is just “Fucked”!! Get out of the US. Here’s an idea, go to Iraq and see how well u do!

  • Spock Jenkins

    I’m in the Army and the true way we tend to blow off steam cannot be published on Chive. UCMJ action would occur…

    • Jason

      But UCMJ is soooooooooooooo worth the countless 4856’s that you receive before hand.

      • Rusty

        In the Navy, I didn’t discipline my sailors with the UCMJ. I let my chief take ’em into the fan room for a few minutes.

        UCMJ is for leaders who suck! 😀

    • Donkey Punch

      What do you do, give each other blowjobs?

  • confused

    porn on its way to you’s

  • bowhuntpa

    THANK YOU TO ALL MILITARY !!!! I miss all my buds overseas

  • Ken

    #14 = LOL

    Hope the guy in that last giff is okay.

    Thanks to all our folks in the armed services!

  • smackhead

    is number 3 jessica simpson when she used to be hot??

  • Mustafa_Beer

    To the guys in #21, Take the girl in # 3 and enjoy… You deserve it!

  • NERDS!

    cristi, grow up.

  • Anonymous

    15 gave me an idea. if only we could weaponize Chuck Norris…

  • Jeff

    The robot heads sticking out of the tank was hilarious.
    Also, the flaghumpers giving critsi crap should calm the F down about someone calling out babykillers…it TOTALLY happens in war. American soldiers (and DRONES) are probably killing women and children as I write this. Don’t even try to act like it doesn’t happen all the time. That said, the cat-sniper is awesome too. I love cats and would probably walk right up to a gun barrel! Watch out Middle East cat-lovers!

    • Superfresh

      There is a huge difference between collateral damage and murder, to imply that US troops run amok and kill as they please is insulting and you two need to go play in traffic.

  • Frearthandox

    #3 is Jessica Simpson in a movie I never heard of but saw on the $4 rack at blockbuster called Private Valentine or something like that. Private Valentine: Blond and Dangerous, that’s what it was. ty imdb

  • Matt

    #3 is either Jessica Simpson, or shes a damn good look alike. Is the last one real? I hope he is okay. What did he do wrong to have that happen?

    And of course a huge Thank You to all the men and woman in the military.

    • Matt

      nm yes it is Jessica Simpson. She was auditioning for a role in a movie and visiting the real soldiers there.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I just love 7 and 24!

  • Jaroff

    i question the logic of the cat rifle.

    • Mustafa_Beer

      The cat rifle is so when it sticks out from behind a corner or from under debris it looks less like a deadly weapon…untill it’s too late

  • top dog

    Hey, when I was in we use to run four or five miles to let off steam.

  • top dog

    DAMN!!! Jessica Simpson looks real professional in that Army uniform. Not bad, not too bad at all.

  • Dries

    no 23 is actually very real
    it’s the kitty setup for the israel cornershot assault rifle
    it’s been on the israel special of ‘future weapons’ on NGC

  • td

    15 was the shit, i’d love to be a human missle holding guns

  • Big Tuna

    All I see in these pics are pogs and remfs.

  • tommybhoy

    Number 24 is fucking awsome!

  • zach

    i was watching that movie with jessica simpson right now and i was at that part and i have to tell you that movie sucks

  • Spades

    Fellow Chivers, I have a bone to pick. Many times I will see pics labeled as 'Soldiers'. But the post will have pictures of Marines in it. . . Being a Marine myself I can tell you that Marine's are not Soldiers. And that Soldiers are not Marines. Now I'm not saying that you have to go all politically correct on us and call us the "U.S. Servicemember Men & Women" or any of that BS. For example, its like calling a '70 Nova a SmartCar. Yes they both have four wheels and do the same thing. But there are major differences. Like not being a douchebagmobile.

  • OpMongoose

    #3 I don't pay lot of attention but Jill would be a good name, and if you don't get that cool. You're probably just getting laid more. If you're still confused resident evil.

  • James

    I just think its funny when people don’t actually know what’s happening in Iraq/Afghanistan aside from what they see from the media saying the US is killing women and children.

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