There’s a cave somewhere ’round here (5 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    Maybe he has Roadrunner skills. Painting train tunnels that magically become real.

    • Vania

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  • smackhead

    That one is very big compared to alot of street art.

  • Anonymous

    i really hope he doesn’t do this to a street i drive on; i wouldn’t like swirving to avoid a non-existent pit.

  • smackhead

    Yea and those o so brite people are avoiding the h*** out of it.

  • Regina

    Awesome..let’s see the FAIL where someone thinks it’s a real

  • kirts197

    i want this painted infront of my house to stop people from park there all the time

  • top dog

    Thats pretty cool, I’ll bet that freaked a lotta people out. There’s a hole in the road…STOOOOOP!!!!

  • Dagan

    Where is this???

  • Klown1

    These are great… though they’re really only good to view from that exact location, otherwise its a really long stretched out image that doesn’t look like much. There are others online that show them from another angle.

    Anyone “avoiding it” in the photo is either staged to make it appear as if they are on the edge, or they’re just being nice by not stepping on someones artwork.

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