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  • Places

    that ass has got to have implants

  • stranger candy

    yeah, that ass is abnormal

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’m no sports fanatic, but curling is the dumbest sport ever. If they’re going to smooth ice so a stone will slide on it *you know, ice isn’t slippery enough* why don’t they just have janitors polishing floors so girls can slide on wool socks as an Olympic sport? Sounds more fun. And they will be required to wear only white dress shirts like the guitar Hero Risky business ad.

    • Brandon

      It’s not completely out of left field. It’s quite similar to Bocce ball, lawn bowling, and *ahem* shuffleboard (if you live in Fort Lauderdale). I have to admit though, there’s been a fantastically high number of hotties on the womens’ curling teams this year.

    • Zooks

      Please don’t call something dumb when you have absolutely no clue.

    • huh

      It’s a game of precision, athleticism and strategy. If you haven’t take them time to learn about it, just don’t say anything.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Living within ten minutes of the YMCA Ice arena here, I’m sure I haven’t actually sat *read:suffered* through several curling games for the sake of friends. My co-worker is the coach for the high school team right next door to my house. i have to listen, nodding and um-humming through his whining about rules, players and stipulations. Yes, I know absolutely nothing. Right. Don’t make silly assumptions.

      • Mattythegooch

        suffleboard on ice….fucking excitement!!!

    • hell's furry

      its a game of though and strategy…. something u don’t have the brain power for….

    • ROR

      and you can play it in dress pants and a polo shirt, sooo…not a sport.

      • sock puppet

        Activity. Not a sport. It’s also a pretty shitty activity. The only people who like this activity are the participants and their parents who bring Capri Suns and orange slices for after the match.

        • exexec

          I’ve barely watched curling on TV and never in person. Having said that, it’s a sport. Somewhere over the last 5-10 years, some people think that if they say something isn’t a sport loudly enough, their opinion will matter. News flash: You don’t have any control over the matter, so drop it. Nothing has to pass your own personal acid test for legitimacy’s sake.

          • mook

            Are you dumb asses defending curling?


            You’re all r-words.

  • Crabieguy

    #5 The first picture of the birth of the Ninja Turtles.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Holy crap. Scroll upwards to number 8, it’s the Best. Cleavage. Ever.
    and then it’s a butt! I’m torn between shock and awe.

  • upper low

    i’ll take the bike/car!

  • Dave

    WTF is going on in the last pic? Did they name their kid maybe funky? Is that an album cover? I must know!

    • Deadpoolic

      It’s from tv-show Arrested Development – look it up, it’s one of the greatest ever)

    • ladyguitarstar

      last name pronounced fee-yoon-kay, and yeah def one of the best shows ever. 3 short seasons, but theyre making a movie.

  • slutifer

    canada sucks

    • Cacrin

      shut up dude both of your hockey team doesn’t stand a chance against Team canada

      • ROR

        Uhh…I believe one of our teams beat Team Canada’s ass

        • still isnt over.....

          still not over……. and when Canada wins….. i will do a jig cuz americans are jerk ass punks(btw i am not canadian… the rest of the world hates u more then your canadaian “friend” that give u free water and lumber. but u know just trash them why not)

          • vitorla

            Talk all the shit you want about the United States, but the fact of the matter is, they did beat Canada in hockey already, lead the medal count and have twice as many medals in Olympic history as the country with the second most (USSR). I am not American either, but stop whining, just because your country isn’t as dominant. And Canadians, you aren’t entitled to shit. You need to earn medals, even in your precious hockey. Ryan Miller taught you that once already.

            • still isnt over.. oh wait ti is


          • donuteyes

            right, americans are jerks. by the way, the world loved seeing a bunch of dyke canadian hockey players drink beer and smoke cigars (see #3)… way to win at the fucking sport you invented… you canucks should be really proud of those bitches. femininity at it’s finest…

          • HellHathNoFury

            Americans are jerks? Tell your women’s hockey team to start bumming their cigs outside of the welfare office, where they belong. And GTFO the internet and computers that Washington State made for you.

            • OneClownShoe

              LOL, eh

            • Nateb123

              The grossly unearned hubris Americans exhibit is surreal. The fact you’re constantly trying to make yourselves feel better by making jokes about Canadians is pathetic. As a nation you’re bullies with a fabricated sense of national pride and you need it because without it the sad state of affairs you’re in would become all too apparent.

              What the hell are you proud of? You’re a (supposedly) developed nation full of pollution, poverty, rape, homicide, suicide and zealotry. It’s an affront to humanity that you turn a blind eye to your problems for the sake of your own sense of vanity. A country full of denial doesn’t impress me nor does it impress the world. You can keep your minute victories. Your claim to fame is a nation that thinks it’s better than it is. I’m personally glad to be a part of a nation completely opposite to that.

            • Patriot

              HHNF- Wow…the girls had a Beer and some cigars on the ice after winning gold…now i can agree its not classy but to say the deserve to be welfare cases because of that just shows your true colors.

              As a Canadian..A true Patriot who serves for this country, I can say that both sides argueing who is better are all douch bags. I have worked with many American soldiers who would punch there own for being dumb like this and i still work with many Canadians who would do the same. Grow up kids.

              America is not Canada and Canada is not America… Deal with it.

    • Shadow Sterk

      Sorry I can’t hear you fucking whinners because of the two gold medals that we won in Salt Lake (thats in the US right) and last night that are lodged in my ears. You will always be second best when it comes to hockey USA!

      • Mattythegooch

        Nateb, why don’t you thumb through your Thesaurus a bit more and find some words to make you seem quasi-smart. You are EuroTrash.

  • bubble_rider86

    #5 hell yeah ninja turtles…tho i would have gone with raphael…..turtle power…..#11 = Win….no wait Lose….no no….Draw…..=D

  • D'oh

    First thing I thought of when seeing 3 was “Since when is Starbuck a professional athlete?”

  • P-90

    ‘Pooh soared through ther air’…..ewww.

  • #3

    well can drink on the ice or cry like the usa bitch’s with the fat mouths …. boooo hoooo

    • pat

      #3 u are right ” with all tho’s fans, there is nothing like here 50,000 fans go silent when we score a goal”
      wtf was that . i am glad they lost (usa). and then make it “classy” they cryed after they lost….
      they get a silver and cryed… that is “classy”

    • vitorla

      2010 Medal Count:
      United States: 36
      Canada: 25

      All Time Medal Count
      United States: 2511

      Enough said. Stop crying about your inferiority.

      • pat

        but your girls suck big fat cock when they lose… cry cry cry cry cry…… booo hooo

      • pat

        but your girls suck big fat cock when they lose… cry cry cry cry cry…… booo hooo u fucking americans are the worst i hope some 1 nukes u

        • vitorla

          I’m not American, pal. Sorry to break it to you. I’m just sick of all the idiots crying. What great nation do you represent Pat? What have you contributed to the world? You speak a lot of game, and yet you won’t tell us where you’re from. Well?

          • pat

            suck it… your not America … bullshit… cry more… and i am done with this btw france

            • vitorla

              Well in that case, you’d be sucking German dick if not for the US. Be thankful.

  • wow...

    this is the chive!!! best web site out:) NO MORE BORDER BASHING plz:) thx:)

    • donuteyes

      fuck you, and fuck canada.

      • wow...

        suck a cock fuck head bitch cunt

  • VortexofConfusion

    #14 – Abbath is a monster

  • Lol

    We want porn in Iraq! Rofl.

  • LadyBodom

    HAHA there were sooo many great pictures where do i even begin… #5 was adorable. who doesnt love TNMT. and i gotta agree with ma girl HHNF on CoCo, girls got an ass on her! the Arrested Development one is kinda gross considering the bathwater is all bloody. not something i wanna picture! peace

  • Floopa_Joopa

    The AD movie is going to be the be-all-end-all of films.

    • ladyguitarstar

      I knooooow, i cant wait to see it. Im hoping it doesnt disappoint like the movie version of ‘Dead like Me’

      • Floopa_Joopa

        Well, the entire original cast is signed for the movie, and Mike Hurwitz is writing the script, so, it should be the best f****** thing since sliced bread.

  • Ron

    At least Canadians don’t whine and sulk when they get silver. The US sees silver as losing the gold. They would be happier to get bronze than get silver. What kind of mentality is that? Be glad that you were second best! I would be more happy to get second best than third best. Dumb Americans.

  • Lyndsey

    We have the most gold medals out of any country.. if we win gold tonight in mens hockey (which we will) we will have the most gold medals of all time.

    and i resent that pic of Agosta with the “stay classy” caption.. they just won a fuckin’ gold medal are they not entitled to celebrate a little? bahhh.

    • vitorla

      All Time Medal Count
      United States: 2511
      Canada: 379

      All Time Gold Medal Count
      United States: 1016
      Canada: 109

      You still have a long way to go, hun.

  • Lyndsey

    i meant for most gold medals won in an Olympics. not over all time. the most ever won is 13 gold i believe..

    • vitorla

      China won 51 gold medals at the last Olympics….

      • Ron

        Canada has won the most gold medals ever at a Winter Olympics (14).

        The US hockey team are a bunch of poor sports, no smiles even though they won the silver medal. If the US had won gold, the Canadian team would have been smiling knowing they had the opportunity to win but it wasn’t to be.

        Dumb Americans.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Canada won!
    *hell freezes over, divides by zero, world implodes*

  • vitorla

    FIrst of all, I love most of Canada’s hockey team. I’m a Blackhawks fan so I get to watch Toews, Keith, and Seabrook play every game of the NHL season. I don’t, however, feel that America bashing is necessary whatsoever. You were the favorites playing on home ice; you were supposed to win and the US gave you a hell of a Cinderella run. This doesn’t mean you are entitled to winning gold. You had to earn it and these young Americans showed you that.

    Enjoy being relegated to global obscurity after the Olympics are over. You lost all street cred you had gained from winning that game by having Nickelback play. You won the gold in hockey, as expected, but you also have to claim Nickelback and Justin Bieber as your own, so that evens it out considerably I think. ❤

    • Nateb123

      Really? Is that how desperate for approval you are that you’ve sunk this low? You have Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. The list could become expansive but I’m keeping it at that. The only reason you’ve got increasingly more smug northern neighbors is because we’ve constantly taken crap from you every chance you get. Stop flag waving. Canada is proud of what it’s done. They should be. Be proud of what America’s done. You should be. The problem is the American need to say they did better than everyone else. Be proud of yourselves and stop the international pissing contest. There’s a reason no one likes you and it’s not because they’re jealous.

  • Lyndsey

    Nateb123 comment FTMFW!!!!

    …. Nickleback wasn’t my favourite way to end an amazing Olympic year though i won’t lie.. we have such better Canadian bands… Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo, Broke Social Scene, Our Lady Peace, Sunset Rubdown… even Neil Young could have ripped it! so yes, i definitely feel you on the terrible closing music call, vitorla! can’t win ’em all though i suppose 😉

  • vitorla

    Hey I love Canada. Don’t get me wrong. I jest a lot, but I get irritated by all these comments about the US mens and womens hockey teams being upset after losing. Hockey is different from many other sports in the Olympics in that it is a HUGE spectator sport in tournament format. Of course people are going to be upset when they come in second and don’t win after working so hard for so long. I’m sure Finland and Slovakia were sad that they didn’t do better than they did and I’m also sure Canada would have also been bitter about losing. Fact of the matter is, coming in second is tough for all to swallow except the winners. Hats off to you guys on winning when you were supposed to. Americans do gloat a lot, I will certainly give you that. As a European-born American I have an insider’s-outside opinion on the matter and I definitely agree that it goes both ways. Lyndsey, what were Neil Young and Rush doing? They are both better choices. Hell, I’d rather see the Barenaked Ladies and Alanis than Nickelback. This border war pissing contest is a joke anyway. I don’t think anyone takes it seriously. At least I don’t (I have family in BC). All I can hope for is that I can get up there and hit the slopes soon. Hats off Canada on the win and hosting a superb Olympics.

    Chive on, northern neighbors, chive on.

  • Ron

    Well said Nateb123! You hit the nail on the head with your comments.

    vitorla – you said, “Enjoy being relegated to global obscurity after the Olympics are over. You lost all street cred you had gained from winning that game by having Nickelback play.”

    That statement makes no sense. Nickelback playing has NOTHING to do with the team winning. By the way, why the Nickelback bashing? Would you rather see the coked out Steven Page era Barenaked Ladies or the new incarnation of the group without him? I don’t think they’ll go very far without him, in my opinion. As far as Nickelback, go beyond the radio singles and Nickelback are a talented group. Their album “All The Right Reasons” was in the Billboard Top 30 for 110 consecutive weeks and stayed in the Top 200 for 152 weeks. That’s THREE YEARS! How many artists can claim that? Most artists can’t. Billboard has also named them the band of the decade. If Billy Gibbons wants to work with them, that’s proof enough that they’re a pretty talented group.

    • swan

      Ron, the best part of Steven Page leaving Barenaked Ladies is that I can listen to Steven Page without having to put up with the other four, so neither.

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