If you were out drinking last night, this gallery is not for you (22 photos)

  • Cayl

    Dude…#1 is fucking hot

    • Statan

      Dude? You're right. He IS a dude.

  • Arkansas Lad

    Considering everything in this list of pictures… number 1 woudn’t be that bad to wake up beside.

  • Ingo

    the first one is hawt.

  • uRmOM

    im all over 17

  • 00daniel

    The last picture is obviously photoshopped. Her skin doesn’t match that of her arms at all.. and her chest is too saggy for her arms to be that ripped. Btw, the butterfly tattoo one is extremely hot.

    • MichaelGS

      dude, thats not photoshopped… thats a woman (model from the comments above) with no arms. the arms you see are the guy standing behind her. if you look closely enough you’ll see his shaven head behind hers

  • top dog

    #1 don’t look so bad, #22 on the other hand got arms like a tree, I can’t handle that. wait a minute, Ohhh you are right I see it now #22!! thats a pretty good job.

  • mike

    whats the name of the girl in the first pic?

    • Hansa

      I’m pretty sure she’s norwegian and her name is Sandra Rødland.

      • http://awefilms.com Masschine

        Cindy Phillips. Canadian. Married..
        #22 is a woman who has no arms standing in front of a male bodybuilder.

    • http://guest.com Mr. Guest

      Cindy Phillips

  • northerner

    GAG. NOT funny Chive…

  • Jim

    I'd kick it with #1….she's not bad looking and it is a woman, so wtf.

  • jay

    I want # 1 to bodyslam me on the bed then jump off the nightstand and elbow drop me

  • johnny d

    13 is seriously fuxed up :O A vibrator will puke ! 😦

  • johnny d

    btw why do i keep looking at this pictures over again. :O ??!!

  • serendipidy

    Why is number 17 on this list. She is by far one of the hottest girls on chive and her body is amazing. #1 is pretty cute too but 17 is hot.

    • Dexter

      Cindy Philips, nicknamed " the buff brittney Spears" …her look varies a lot depending on her training, and muscles do look more impressive on her short frame,but in most of the case she's amazingly hot AND a very nice girl .

  • Dreams

    # 17 is hot. What is her name

  • Chive freak

    #17 find her.

  • Stan

    #17 has the ideal body and face.

  • ~Hot&SweetGirl~

    Weird pics number 16 is akward she looks like she is itching her head lice she has bad lice and sher body is tanner then her face

  • ~Hot&SweetGirl~

    Sorry spelling error ^
    Don’t read that one
    Number 16 is weird she looks like she is itching her head like she has bad head lice and her body is tanner then her face

  • shnugs

    #5 meat machined off the bone, drenched in chemicals to remove bacteria and add a flavor that doesnt taste like crap… and ready to serve. Ahhh America.

  • Beck

    #5 is what chicken mcnugget starts off as.

  • Dr.


    Yep. I'd go there.

  • Jim

    I would

  • Jaminboy

    #10 may be jacked up but the man is still smiling and seems happy because he just doesn't give a fuck about anything else.

  • Stephen


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