What’s with the hands and the puffer faces? (48 Photos)

girls puffer 45 Whats with the hands and the puffer faces? (48 Photos)

But let’s face it, the hands and the face is just an excuse to post the hell out of this gallery….

  • HellHathNoFury

    Dammit, hot asn girls. When I make stupid faces…I just look stupid.

    • mook

      I second that.

    • http://schango.wordpress.com schango

      I didn’t want to say anything…

      • The Truth

        You dont even have to make a face to make yourself look stupid HHNF.

    • dietroll

      Don't be too hard on yourself. Just go back to the kitchen.

  • Joe Clyde

    It’s kind of cute and creepy at the same time.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Cruz/100000856050565 George Cruz

      agreed. I would stick my penis in everything in this post. besides the pirate dude. lets get that out of the way before someone calls me out on that.

  • Balls deep

    i suddenly love digimon again

  • amcdo012

    hahahaha #39.

  • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

    I can see how people find these girls attractive, but for me, fewer things can approach this level of annoying. ‘Oh, look how cute I am! I’m making a heart, now I’m a cat – aren’t I the cutest?’ It’s really not much different from some muscled up dude flexing and doing the duck face – yeah, you’re built. Good job 9_9

    • HellHathNoFury

      I know a picture *or a million, since they’re asn* can’t capture a person’s personality totally, but can you imagine the maturity level of someone who is constantly dressing up as some cartoon character, or trying to make themselves look like an animal? cute genes are the only thing setting them aside from being that creepy guy at the park wearing cat ears and baby talking.

      • Brandon

        And a vagina too, HHNF.

        But I mean, haven’t we realized that Japanese and Korean cultures are inexplicably weird? I don’t think there’s any point in trying to understand it anymore. Maybe this is just their version of duckface?

      • echodave

        I have a sneaking suspicion that these girls were paid to have their picture taken.

  • Regina

    the weird and the unusual……..but of course…only in china/japan.korea….w/e

  • fourtwenty

    this should of been titled “asian chick with same face disorder”. you know. cuz they all look the same… hella hot.

  • SteelToast

    They all have one thing in common……they want my big American penis

    • gonzomania

      but they can’t have it because it’s a figment of your imagination.

      • SteelToast

        compared to the asian man’s penis my 4 inches of hot American love making would wow and astonish them

        • gonzomania

          i’m sorry i say that 😦 I bet you can make them bitches scream your name.

        • Sue

          Actually the average Japanese penis is 5 inches. So yours is smaller than theirs. Sorry.

    • twat

      dude they probably don't.

  • wewa

    I don’t want to be a smart-ass about it, but I’m pretty sure almost all of those girls are korean. All of their names come in three syllables, kom jung il and the like

  • Nagrom

    Too many amazingly sexy hot Japanese babes……..
    Cant control……………
    Must hold it in………………….
    NOT AGAIN!!!!!


    Anyone got a tissue?

    • yeahsure

      you’re a fucking trombloid

    • Motown

      They are all Korean girls. not Japanese girls.
      all cute

  • whaazzzzup

    screw the tissue… looks like these chicks have a mouth load already 😉

  • dj newyorican


  • Weezy

    is 24 signaling BJ?

  • Big Bob

    Adorable, every single one of them. The heart-making thing with their hands must be an Asian thing?!? My GF does that in pics sometimes too (Filipina).

  • http://schango.wordpress.com schango

    wow…paper thin lips are hot!

  • bianka

    8 is soooo photoshopped…:D and not even good shoppin…

    • http://schango.wordpress.com schango

      wtf are you talking about?

      • Nagrom


        How is that shopped????

  • Leonardo

    I think I’ve spotted a pattern emerging in this on, are they deciding whether to spit or swallow? please say it’s swallow. I’d have to be bet off ’em with a shovel

    • Leonardo

      I think I droped an ‘e’ on that last ‘one’… happy daze!

    • isawoj

      I was thinking the same thing. This has to somehow be related to their bukakke culture.

  • Markkens

    cuteness robots

  • powersticks

    I’ve got the yellow fever now because of this post.

  • vicdamone505

    The Japanese women have an obsession with looking like little girls. While was there the first time I asked my translator for work “Why do the women change their voices and their giggles to sound like kids?” He said its just their culture that the men like younger women and the women of course do anything a man likes. He said they also do “kids faces” such as pushing out their cheeks to look younger and dress like “dolls”.

    • echodave

      Seems like harmless fun to me. nobody gets hurt and we get to analyze it, fun times!

    • ladyguitarstar

      well thats disturbing

      • UnwanteD

        Not as distubing as selling thongs to little girls. Walmart does it and moms all over suburbia buy them for their 11yos. Talk about disturbing.

        • echodave

          I thought a thong is worn so you don’t have panty lines.

  • manbayer

    wait, was that all the same girl??? wtf?

    • bintang760

      I am pretty sure that most (if not all) of those pictures are of the same extremely hot girl.

  • Whattahottie

    asian chicks arent hot at all unless they are a mix.. all of these girls here today.. Puh

  • Krashtester

    These chicks are just cute! Love the high levels of femininity.

  • jaydub2xx

    okay pic 43….the photo studio is named “aroma of wind”….must sound better in japanese…but in america “aroma of wind” is fart….silly asians….

  • Phil

    It’s amazing how cute the girls are, and how totally disturbed the guys are in Japan culture. I think we’ve all seen at least 1 hentai to make you go “what. the. fuck.”
    I like my chinese girlfriend…

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