What’s with the hands and the puffer faces? (48 Photos)

girls puffer 45 Whats with the hands and the puffer faces? (48 Photos)

But let’s face it, the hands and the face is just an excuse to post the hell out of this gallery….

  • Satanas

    better that duck mouth… but still not good :s

  • John Matrix


    they don’t swallow

  • eo2

    Spit or swallow? Just get it over with and do me again.

  • bill

    beautiful,well done

  • Anonymous

    These girls are mostly Korean, not Japanese….

  • Yup

    #28 I LOL'd.

  • sang il

    first off most of these girls are korean because i am korean, secondly I LOVE THIS!!! added on my favorites page loloololollo XD

  • deric

    Not sure if winking….. or just Asian…

  • Always Last


  • ganesh.narawade

    beautifull ..cutee

  • 나 입니다

    ㅋㅋㅋ 애교 부리죠!? 예쁘네요….

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