• Satanas

    better that duck mouth… but still not good :s

  • John Matrix


    they don’t swallow

  • eo2

    Spit or swallow? Just get it over with and do me again.

  • bill

    beautiful,well done

  • Anonymous

    These girls are mostly Korean, not Japanese….

  • Yup

    #28 I LOL'd.

  • sang il

    first off most of these girls are korean because i am korean, secondly I LOVE THIS!!! added on my favorites page loloololollo😄

  • deric

    Not sure if winking….. or just Asian…

  • Always Last


  • ganesh.narawade

    beautifull ..cutee

  • 나 입니다

    ㅋㅋㅋ 애교 부리죠!? 예쁘네요….

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