Thanks for the Bloomingdale’s gift card… (2 Photos)

present one Thanks for the Bloomingdales gift card... (2 Photos)

present two Thanks for the Bloomingdales gift card... (2 Photos)
My ex co-worker (his name’s Declan) received this hilarious thank you card from his buddy recently

  • upper low

    I relate to this…in a bad way

  • Dan

    been married 6 years, it only gets worse, kid

  • Leo

    Marriage. Where don’t I sign.

  • rober paulson


  • Darrn Cominsky

    …this will be the high point of my day

    • Weezer

      true dat my fellow friend. true dat.


    this is pretty fucking funny

  • last stand

    abandon all hope…

  • randomhero1218

    I hope to someday receive a thank you card as awesome as this.

  • maxwelldog

    This is all you need in the marriage pamphlet!

  • maxwelldog

    Wait…for a half hour I’ve been trying to get an avatar to wok at your sis’s place, and unsuccessfully at that, and here, I give up, and now it shows up?
    Here, Max! Good dog.
    Now, find me a sleeping Leprechaun! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Well, bro, you had to have her.

  • MaxSpain

    Sucks for that guy…

    Me and mine have 7 years under the belt and the sex is better now than when we were dating. Sucks for that guy…

    Looks like he’s gonna have to HANDle this one on his own…


    • dontsettleforshit

      You’re doing it right. All the others saying it only gets worse – you’re doing it wrong.

      • Shadow Sterk

        Maybe she wants a kid or even worst more! Youll see it will get worst guy.

  • LadyCydonia

    Wow. Hope this guy’s just really sarcastic.

  • Vroom

    The dude in that letter IS an asshole. Why would he call his wife stupid over some worthless purchased item? They’ll be divorced in a year.

    • He's still married. And his wife still loves CSI.


  • Zayne

    Every male, just about, is replying: Yeah, I know. Most women are seething.

  • Regina

    hey….how did my note get here??????????


  • Bob

    As I read this and thought of married life the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop played and I knew right then and there that Axel Fully would never get married. And so won’t I

    • aaron

      you are awesome

  • Michael

    Sounds like a sound plan.

  • Anonymous

    Lol then i’ll go watch csi

  • wakefieldnotes

    Mmmmmm, Bloomingdales.

  • schango

    sounds like a day in my life

  • rcjaos

    it’s funny cause it’s true, calling your wife stupid is a little below the belt though

  • mook

    I have an idea. When she does something stupid… Don’t say anything. Amazing both keep their control and no one argues. If you have to point out that what she does or that she is stupid, be prepared for a reaction dub ass. Why would you expect to get sex after insulting her? Maybe smack her around some with soap in a sock and see if she wants to bake you a cake after… God damn people are stupid “Marriage is so hard… bawwww waaa” ya I guess it is if you are a damn dumb ass.

  • electronic cigarettes

    Wow this is awesome

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