A villa yacht? Now that’s just awesome (10 Photos)

yach cool A villa yacht? Now thats just awesome (10 Photos)

This amazing super-yacht was designed by Wally Hermes and it’s got everything. The yacht’s shape is oddly reminiscent of a horseshoe. Amazingly, the yacht generates most if it’s own electricity with those thermophotovoltaic panels you see there on top. An elevator connects three decks. There’s a 25 meter pool, spa, sauna, gym, theater, terrace, lounge, and helipad (of course). The price – a paltry $150 Million…

  • whistler bay

    those decks are fucking amazing

  • brian singer

    want to throw a keg party…

    • confused

      you may want to rethink that… alcohol and idiots something may go wrong

  • Joe Clyde

    Nice but 1 hurricane.

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Can you say “tsumani”? I knew you could.

      • vitorla

        Tsunamis don’t affect boats on open water dude. Waves don’t develop height unless there’s shallow water.

        • Mustafa_Beer

          True, the “tidal wave” effect of a tsunami soes not occur untill the wave reaches the shallows, a seismic wave will produce a wave of up to 8 feet, travelling at 200+ mph. Enough to spill the Cristal or Grey Poupon

          • confused

            wow you learn something new everyday

  • vinnyr

    Dear Owner of this boat,

    Please sail this wonderful boat near the beautiful and scene coast of Somalia. We feel that your boat will fit in very well with our outstanding collection of yachts. We will even transport you to shore for absolutely no cost. Once on shore you will be able to mingle with other owners of large yachts such as yours. We hope to see you soon! Remember if its not Somalia, its not a good place to put your boat.

    Yours Truly
    Mr. Peter Irate
    Minister of Tourism – Somalia

    Subject to terms and conditions. Not responsible for any lose of property or life. Somalia is a registered trademark of Rebel and Pirate Co. Enter at your own risk. Remember to drink responsibly. No lifeguard on duty.

  • Brian Vall




  • Battleangel

    When the world is covered in water I want to live in one of these.

  • Nagrom


    Put me down for 3 🙂

  • Quacodile

    Obviously the guy who posted this has never seen a horseshoe before 😛

    It’s lovely though .

  • Phil

    looks like a rendering.

  • skeeter

    Would any of my chive buddies like to go for a ride on my boat,So sorry dude but I will not be taking this boat to Somalia anytime soon. And It Was Not 150 Mil

  • dumdum

    Umm… These are not “photos.” And that is not “real.”

  • http://schango.wordpress.com schango

    I want it

  • Greg

    Whichever one of us becomes super rich first and buys that yacht is legally obligated to throw a party and invite all of us.

  • mirou

    I think the water must be quiet, otherwise there will be some problemes

  • MichaelGS

    is it wrong that im aroused by these pictures? my therapist says it is, but i beg to differ

  • P-90

    Is this the new Chive office?

  • Gwenynwr

    It can't be wrong………. 1st thing I commented was "ORGASMIC"!!!

  • curmudgeon

    nice artwork – has it, or will it ever be built? probably not, but if so would be cool as a party boat.

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