Daily Afternoon Randomness (35 Photos)

  • evilorstupid

    Wong Fook Hing bookstore indeed.

  • interloper

    stevie wonder on twitter just made my day

    • Brandon

      Helen Keller’s is better

  • Jose Bisquits

    Summer of Scott Knoll? You got the Wong Fook Hing bookstore, buddy.

  • dun dun dun

    thx for that last one

  • Johnathan Dickshot III

    Gramps was a king among men, you douchemasters

  • herroprease

    i dont get the danny devito one?

  • imdb sux

    the devito is a running gag he has on his twitter page called ‘troll feet’. he takes photos of his troll feet for the amusement of others

  • halfway home

    last one – OUCH!!!

    • Mark

      That is why you stay outta the desert in Arizona

  • at work

    hello 25 and 32

  • LadyBodom

    can someone please buy me a Gansta Baby? I want the baby on the right that looks like he just smoked a gram of crack. and # 28 LMFAO. wtf?

  • Rusty

    I met Danny DeVito at Coachella in 2006. Motherfucker can NOT hold his liquor. He’s a mean, violent nasty little drunk. Security had to throw him out of the VIP area at closing. 😀

  • C4vemanlawyer

    #3 this was the greatest day of his life!

  • angeline

    drinking on the golf course much?

  • smick

    Motherfucking ninjas be everywhere. No 25, the mind is in overdrive.

  • HellHathNoFury

    15 is awesome, but then I saw the last one. Awww, hedgehogs.

  • Crabieguy

    #32 would you be my next ex-wife?

  • acash

    best randomness ever

  • hoovus

    #8 Talk about the campiest closing ceremonies ever eh? and sorry folks that we had to bring out Nickleback and Avril Lavigne…. and Simple Plan….. and Arcade Fire…. and Metric. Besides that and Furlong making the Quebecois want to disband from Canada again, it was a good show I think 😉

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  • ChrisDG74

    #25 – I think I’m in love.

  • Bob the Enzyte Guy

    I’ve met the guy who drove the truck in #26. Good ole College Station, Texas!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/xdangerzonex xdavex

    Ahahaha #1 is me. So weird.

    • Anonymous

      You rebel you!

    • m00oosemunch

      I hope you choke on a dick and die you fag

      • ronfin

        You mad.

  • Yahootie

    Wow. That guy in pic 1 is a rebel. Keep him away from your daughter, he might eat ice cream inappropriately with her.

    • HellHathNoFury

      That sounds like more fun than should be allowed.

      • Yahootie

        …Now that I think about it your right.

    • caroool36

      #1 is a bad boy just like girls like it lol

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  • James

    14: Is that the guy from Hadouken’s MAD video?

    • Cydonia

      Looks like it. At least it’s the same mask.

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