• Johnny


    • theStdg

      The award for lamest background music goes to…
      this video!

  • Alex Hammer

    LCD or LED? not LDC

  • Matt

    wow very cool!!

  • confused

    i need one of those and maybe any wii owners

  • Skeebles

    WHAT!? THIS IS INSANE! Now they can make laptops with foldout screens! You can haqve a machine the size of a netbook with a 22-inch foldout screen. Screw you iPad!

    • confused

      never thought of the application for it.. apple are so screwed now

      • mook

        Also would cut down on the height of the screen on a pc/laptop greatly.

        There are actually many more applications than just that.

        Clothing, around corners on walls (rounded or square), on/in automobiles.

        The thinner and more flexible it becomes also the more we can just slap it on anything to change the look and color. Bitmap our real objective world into oblivion.

  • Stewie!

    Now make a touch screen version, and were all set =D

  • OhNo

    i bet sissors can break it! =P

  • Dingo

    think about it wallpaper monitors….how sick would that be

  • inspectmyclouseau

    unreal. i want monitor wallpaper

  • Bob

    LCD FatHeads!!!

  • Nichster121

    yeah…. game changing

  • HellHathNoFury

    They haven’t introduced it to Chuck Norris yet.

  • DN

    That would be a P-OLED (polymer organic light emitting diode), they’ve been around for a couple of years, just not commercially.

  • pookie

    God I hope this is real.

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  • Lion_Knight

    this is not LCD this is OLED organic light emitting Diode and it is one of sony’s new technologies it is actually see through when not powered up and with out the backing they put on most screens. Expect tvs thinner than a credit card in the next few years.

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