Some call it makeup. I call it liar’s powder (30 Photos)

  • skeeter

    hay better than a bag ain’t they

  • Cara

    How come most of them look better before, and the rest look like trannies in the after shots..

  • onemm


  • markkens

    And you see…why the convictions for statutory rape…will never decrease.

  • evilorstupid

    Hey, I don’t want to be waiting around for hours while they put that shit on. Gimme the natural look any day.

  • zee!

    #8 is cute as hell without it.

  • wtf

    Oh for fucks sake thechive!!

    The ones beautiful are beautiful with our without makeup, and there rest of the girls in this album (95% or more) are just as ugly with makeup as without…

    Overall a really bad album with fugly and ugly girls… Overall I have noticed that thechive staff seems to have extremely bad taste in women… is this what America has to offer you guys?

    • HellHathNoFury

      GTFO my boys’ site. No one insults John and Leo. Expect men in black suits and bad gold chains at your door in 3…2…

  • wow

    i call it photoshop

  • exexec

    #21 looks like Kabuki theatre…good gawd. Why do some women feel the need to do this schitt?

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  • Cragsus

    Who is # 17??????

  • jeff in Australia

    How many millions do women spend on make up, just to make themselves look “natural”
    As a lot of above comments attest, most men seem to like natural without the assistance of….

  • randomness

    Someone give a nobel prize to the inventor of makeup

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  • top dog

    Put on a little make up, show a little cleavage, put in some contacts and walaa!!!!…’re a whole new person. No wonder nobody recognize the models when they walk around without make up, hell, we can’t tell who they are!! But….I will tap them all.

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  • Michael Rivero

    The problem I have with such cosmetics is that they send the exact same message a Mideastern veil does; that your face as the universe created it is not fit to be shown in public. The only difference between a veil and the chemicals is that the chemicals have to be replaced and repurchased every single day, and this yields a higher profit.

    • Zooey Glass

      Yeah thats the only difference between makeup and burqa’s …Oh, that and one is forced on women by a male controlled religion where they are second class citizens.

      Get off your pseudo-feminist soap box, Michael. Its not going to get you laid any sooner.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. Yes I totally agree. I mean in an ideal world women should never have to wear make up but pssht tosh. I wear it for myself for confidence and a little self expression. I think it’s a shame that it is still looked down upon for men to wear it.

      • m00oosemunch

        very true

        Most women wear makeup because they WANT to. Not because they HAVE to. It makes them feel and look their best.

        Althought if you ARE fugly, may I suggest an ‘alluring’ burqa….

    • Anonymous

      A burqa does the opposite of makeup, actually. It’s intended for modesty: a man is supposed to fall for the woman’s personality and not the way she looks, which is why she hides the way she looks until marriage.

  • Voidedlives

    You know what’s fucked up? Some of those women look hotter sans the makeup. Only about 10% look seriously hotter with it.

  • Ren

    Make-up? More like Photoshop.

  • Jay

    Uh, the difference has far more to do with lighting and the power of Photoshop than it does makeup. If you think that powder or make-up in general can make this dramatic of a difference, then you’re quite naive.

    • EricaVee

      Actually, you’re wrong. While a lot of these pictures are airbrushed, properly applied makeup can perform MIRACLES–the human eye is not very hard to fool.

  • V

    More like airbrushing.

  • John

    Ah, the magic of Photoshop.

  • Pappi

    Every single one of these is digitally enhanced, not just makeup.

  • Rebecca

    a lot of that is lighting. the after photos are in studios, many of the before are not.

  • Wulf

    Not just make up, but photoshop airbrushing as well.

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