Wrestling babes conjure up memories of the 5th grade (30 Photos)

Those were some blissful days. What grade were you in when you worshiped wrestling vixens?? And don’t lie, there was a time when you loved wrestling. On a different note…STING FTW!

  • mullie

    These are very nice. I never was much into wrestling. It seems I missed out.

    Who are these girls (24, 27 and 28 especially)

    • John

      24: Eve Torres
      27: Stacey Kiebler
      28:Rebecca DiPietro
      (Spelling may be wrong)

  • Ron

    Not sure who 24 and 28 are but 27 is Stacey Keibler.

    I went over to the photo source and theCHIVE made a huge omission with this post. They left out one of the classic babes of wrestling, Miss Elizabeth! I am surprised she got left out as she is probably the most recognizable woman in wrestling. There were a few others theCHIVE left out as well but I didn’t recognize any of them.

  • etchasketchasaurus

    Oh the good ole days….Where’s Sunny and Kat? I don’t remember a lot of these, must have been after my wrestling obsession faded. I do remember #3…she always freaked me out, kind of reminded me of an oompa loompa.

  • Mark

    Not sure who 24 is, but 27 is Stacey Keibler and 28 is Torri Wilson

    • John

      29 is Torrie. 28 is Rebecca DiPietro

  • Mustafa_Beer

    #3 is Terri Runnels aka Marlena. She was always someone that I would pay to hurt me

  • Brandon

    Ah, the good ole days. Sad thing is my brother is 27 and him and some of his friends still watch wrestling. Oh, and #23 looks like LaGuerta from Dexter.

  • vitorla

    Silicon Valley is a happy place.

    • ChrisDG74

      That would be Silicone(with an E) Valley, but good joke nonetheless.

  • Weezy

    I’d like to piledrive a few of them

  • Jamdez

    24 is Eve Torres

  • Joe

    sable, debra?

    • Jamdez

      Sable is number 1

  • Bob

    My shorts are wet from # 27………====>* * * (.)(.)

  • Raab

    Daffney > all these chicks.

  • top dog

    Errr….so where are they now?……really!

  • Anonymous


  • Clark Steel

    # 18

  • estevan

    11 and 20 look like your common $12 crack whores… ive always loved lilian though 🙂

  • greg

    To me the girls who stand out are 2,,7, 8, 14, 18, 21, 22, 23. The others aren't really showing much or are too muscular. Man, the female body when its free of excess fat or muscle is just like a mystery – it can be beautiful beyond explanation. My fav is 14 – such a trim perfect, athletic body

  • kessel81

    #23 is Candice Michelle.

  • chethive

    #13 anyone?

    • Missing Link Dudley

      I believe it's Diamond Dallas Page's ex wife, Kimberly Page.

  • ilovethechive

    Many a lotion bottle and kleenex box have been emptied over the years because of these women! Present company included

  • Jawbone

    #14 That's one ugly bitch.

  • Hanx

    If you like your leather this hard, just buy a chesterfield.

  • Lorenzo

    Theres some I don't remember seeing at all and I grew up wrestling. I also have so many dvds. # 14 She doesn't belong. Molly holly and Tori (not Wilson). I always the hots for. I always imagine and whish I can get them to hurt me.

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