BMW 328 Mille Miglia: not all old cars suck (12 Photos)

Created in 1938, this BMW 328 was taken from Germany by the Soviet Army and in my humble opinion helped kick start WWII.

  • avid chiver

    The title would presume old cars usually suck…!!?!?
    everyone loves old cars (yes, even very hot chicks), except you, trying to be to cool, since when are old cars not cool? there are a ton of cars more eye-popping cool and exuberant than this one (merc seagull just for starters).
    you might find this shocking, but you are Douchebags yourselves, just for trying to be cool.
    and don’t be like “what’s up with him” – cause that just makes you fags…

    • 2400cc

      Relax dude….

      • mustafabeer

        Sorry but, I agree the title is misleading. For the most part, the restoration or modification of older vehicles is a hobby that borders obsession. I have never had negative reactions from ANYONE when out in one of my old cars. Old people love ’em, kids in Tuners will give the ” thumbs up” and girls love to come by and have their pics taken near old cars. I think Avid Chiver may have had too much caffiene!

  • ladyguitarstar

    thats pretty cool, i was coming to comment on the title being wrong. Looks like im not the only one.

    that being said, this bmw belongs in the movie Cars! i love it

  • damn

    WTF is wrong with you people? Who gives a shit what the title says? Just look at the pictures, be jealous that you didn’t think of creating a blog like this, and go touch yourselves inappropriately. Good day.

    • Zooks

      Sorry, but I definitely agree that there are douchebag posts created by douchebag posters, along with douchebag comments created by douchebag commenters here. First poster has a valid point. The photos speak for themselves, however. Time to touch my girl inappropriately. Toodles!

  • Anonymous

    My first thought; wow it looks just like speed racers car!

  • Verona

    That is better than sex will EVER be. *ahem* tee hee.

  • Big Bob

    I think the “not all old cars suck” title is stated incorrectly. Nobody is going to argue that a classic car, that’s been fully restored, is a gorgeous thing. The “old cars” term probably meant a typical 15-20 year old, smoking, hunk-of-junk , not a ’57 Chevy Bel Air with shiny chrome at a car show! Now I’m off to cry about that ’72 Pantera that I never should have sold.

  • MichaelGS

    im with bob on this one, its stated correctly (most OLD cars do suck). If we’re gonna get technical he did say old cars, not classics. theres a difference.

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