Daily Afternoon Randomness (25 Photos)

  • Weezy

    I wonder how #6 got THAT idea

  • Brandon

    #14 made me laugh pretty hard

    • Ryan

      Yeah I love that dog. Him doing anything is pretty funny. More of him please!

  • at work

    hello #12

  • somerandomguy

    #20 – and from 2008 to 2014, steve jobs would still be wearing the same thing and never ages.

  • aaron

    beer pong hair is super retarded. + pit faced. die.

  • whaazzzzup

    should have put PIZZA FACE instead of BEER PONG in that dudes hair…

  • HellHathNoFury

    Appa, the freeway is a horrible place to land!

  • P-90

    19 genius.

  • Anonymous

    #19 – Is he trying to put sunglasses over his sunglasses?!?

  • Jaroff

    I was an Obama supporter until i saw picture 14, shop or not that is a betrayal of ‘Merica.

  • Krashtester

    I say we go open a can of democracy on Canada for beating us at hockey and Crosby should be deported.

    The only thing gayer than a Canadian, is 2 Canadians and so on..

    PS Canada, LAMEST opening/closing ceremonies ever! Something like 40 million spent on that yawn fest…You guys are the Ed Hardy of ceremonies.

    • TKjunction

      Sorry bro, can’t hear you over the sound of our gold medal

      • Krashtester


  • ass party

    19 made my fucking night. YEAH!

  • sbken

    What is #12 doing?? she has skates on her feet…cross country skis on her hands and her bum in the air?!

  • Sor

    Shes posing for me, thats what.

  • Yahootie

    I’m ok with Canada, but I want to kick Haratio sanz’s ass SOOO BAD!!

  • luca

    lol at no. 14.creepy dog is creepy.

  • Anon

    impossible to stop starring at #12 …

  • Ken

    Oooooh awesome set!

    Floating Cruiseliner, buxom redhead Alien fan, Pres with the Bichin’ Frizee, Beagles confused by possum, Dog and fish checkin’ out each other and the Burmese Python checkin’ out the cucumber are all awesome.

    But the young Bison in the highway makes me sad. Looks like a trailer accident. Not good.

    • http://juliusthepython.com _8E_

      It's a zucchini. We have no idea why she's so into vegetables.

      You can see more of her mighty snakiness at her site if you want… juliusthepython.com 🙂

  • dreadest

    #10 is from Atlanta. I saw that shit on the news.. They had to put em down, got hit by a truck or somethin and got messed up.

  • Jcool

    I Don’t know if you guys can tell but number 12 didn’t wipe well. She has that sweaty doodo stain.

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