• Matt

    AHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……BUT hes gay!! I mean blind!!!! HAHAHAHA. Not even close lady!!!

  • Glenn

    Ah, Cynthia…you’ve certainly brightened the Dallas airwaves since you moved here, and luckily no embarassing gaffes like this one!

  • matt

    haha thats great.

  • pookie


  • Cocos Island

    Maybe he’s blind and gay… Just sayin’…

  • MattyWestside

    Hey! I live there

  • Maybe...

    If he’s blind, he will never see it coming from behind…
    GET IT?

  • http://schango.wordpress.com schango

    that changes everything. how about a blind gay guy.

  • tyrone

    fuck gay people

  • tyrone

    fuck gay ppl

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