Lindsay Lohan: A tribute to cleavage (21 Photos)

  • hmm....

    ooo sry i just throw up!!!!!!!!

  • babygaige

    16 is disturbing I hope its shopped

    • NotCleverEnoughForARealUsername

      Unfortunately babygaige, it is not shopped. Yeesh.

      • kma

        21 is disturbing I hope its shopped

        • dr3w

          Unfortunately kma, it is not shopped. Yeesh.

  • wtf

    What kind of emotion is this supposed to trigger THECHIVE?


    Its not funny, its not entertaining, its not hot. Its just proof of thechives staffs bad taste.

    • huh?

      youre an idiot

  • Gutterville

    I think Emiem put it righ t” please come back to seeing men” but she doesn’t have much bra less days left

  • rso

    sorry, never understood who LL is. an actress? a singer? someone who was in a sitcom as a child? who IS she!?

  • ChrisDG74

    I have to disinfect my PC after looking at these pics. I think I caught an STD from this post.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Its pretty bad when she looks better in #21 than in # 16.
    You could take all these pics and put corresponding pics of Amy Whorehouse and Breasty Spears next to them. Oh, the humanity!

  • Buge Hoobs - Lists For Men

    […] Tribute to Lindsay Lohan's cleavage […]

    • g-licious

      her saggy tits??

  • schango

    Oh Lindsay, she use to have such beautiful chesticles.

  • ozzie

    she was hot when she was off the dope.

  • ladyguitarstar

    She looks hot in the knife play pic, but yeah this shouldnt be tagged in the ‘hot women’ section.

    • Rusty

      Is that really her in the knife pic? Something about that one seems off.

  • Roscoe

    Man, the transformation from 15 to 16 pretty much sums it all up. Could easily use those two photos in an anti-drug campaign. So sad.

  • Joey

    #15 She was so damn cute..what a shame

  • Mattythegooch

    I have NO shame, I’d still hit that shit, like the screen door on her trailer.

  • evilorstupid

    Drugged up psycho or not, those are some attractive ta-tas.

  • stafferty

    I don’t know why but I have the sudden urge to play bongos. Large, anorexic, drug addicted bongos.

  • garp

    …what a sad slide, hopefully she pulls her life together and gets back to living clean and looking good instead of being a crack-ho ’cause right now she’s the top of the office pool for the next celebrity to wind up in the L.A. county morgue

  • damn

    Skankalicious. I still would.

  • damn,

    shes hot doped or not, i still do it!! great titz!!!

  • Anonymous

    Most of these pics are from her post crack whore phase. Its dosn’t take much effort to find a lot of Lohan pics from when she was really hot. And WTF with the last pic no one wants to see that, you fail.

  • Joe Clyde

    Drugs will really fck you up.

  • Leonardo

    You sick, twisted, fucks.

  • Heistmonkey

    Well kids, crack is hell of a drug.

  • dr3w

    That girl and her bewbs sure have gone through a lot…

  • jeff in Australia

    #5 + #17…. is that a, and this is where they put in the silicone scar…?

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