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morrigan succubus Photo of the Day

She might look like Batgirl but this is Morrigan the Succubus, developed for the Darkstalkers series of fighting games developed by Capcom, Morrigan appeared in the Capcom vs. Marvel series. This photo was taken by ZeZe and is a part of a pretty cool Vixen series found here.
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  • world wander

    that is one ample chick

  • Bender

    really looks like a cool batgirl

  • Indigo Girl

    as a girl, i’d hit that

  • John

    she can eat all the crackers she wants in my bed

  • Timothy Parrish

    That is an amazing Morigainne.. Almost as good as that Street Fighter cosplay

  • Antonio

    Awesome body

  • bless1

    I'd pay to clean out her dirty bat cave.

  • ET.Higgin

    Do they know that a Succubus is a mythical creature that has both male and female parts?

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