Romain Laurent’s point of view (49 photos)

Check out more of Romain’s amazing work at his website HERE

  • Anonymous


  • Mustafa_Beer

    #25 took it in the ” A ” Hole

  • Irwin109

    His work seems to be very 50 50, it’s either really good or oddly poor!

  • ToddzillaColorado

    Wow, totally twisted and original. Pure genius!

    • Joey

      Thats what it takes to be a genius in your eyes huh? Twisted and original = genuis
      I may have a brain aneurysm if I continue that same thought process..
      Do me a favor and look at the last picture and tell me again its the work of a genius

  • stafferty

    Photo 21

    At 12:30 every day things get really interestting

  • Anon

    hahaha 6th

  • Brandon

    Uhh, what?

  • maxwelldog


  • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog

    Well said Joey.

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