Hot Right Now: Athletes say the darndest things (18 Photos)

These are real mail order brides, also, my head just exploded (32 Photos)

order this These are real mail order brides, also, my head just exploded (32 Photos)

I went fantasy shopping last night in the Ukraine. I’m seriously considering adding all to cart…

  • lucci

    #8 IS actually miranda kerr in an old photo session

  • MichaelGS

    wonder what ever happedened to our mail order buddy andrew? im sure he would have loved this post right here

  • Kevin

    Callin’ bullshit…

  • PedoBear

    Whats the shipping and handling on #1&9?

    • MichaelGS

      expensive becuase you HAVE to use next day, they dont keep well on the long options

  • top dog

    They got pretty faces, but they really need to show some camel toe before I decide. Hehehehe!!!

  • sticky fingers

    FAP, FAP, FAP has anyone seen my passport? FAP, FAP, FAP

  • m00oosemunch

    Damn they are all hella hot in these glamour shots. I just hope thats what they REALLY look like. Ya know, kinda like Myspace pics can be deceiving!

    Also, I hope they get someone nice for a husband, not some balding, fat loser slob that can’t hold onto an American woman. Because THAT isnt more than HALF their clientele! *pfffhhhht*

  • m00oosemunch

    btw #7 is prolly a butterface

    And #12 looks like a bleached, hotter version of Rachel Ray

  • Gibin

    Very nice

  • Damien

    27 for me. i love a girl in stockings and she looks like a lady in public and is probably a freak in the bedroom.

  • 3 fan

    #12 and #13 please

  • f5


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