• http://www.freewebs.com/555666 Irwin109

    Citroen always have nice looking cars but my experience with them makes me say, the only good thing is the looks.

  • http://www.autoscitroen.org/2010/03/03/citroen-survolt-concept-supercar-thechive/ autos citroen » Citroen Survolt Concept Supercar theCHIVE

    […] See a strange post: Citroen Survolt Concept Supercar theCHIVE […]

  • ?

    the front is very audi-inspired

    • ?

      audi r8 to be precise

  • HardCore Mike

    What Irwin said. The French couldn’t build a reliable car if there lives depended on it. In fact… most French products LOOK great but their FUNCTION is always in question.

  • Regina

    it has been licked…….mm..and it tastes good as it looks

  • Anonymous

    it looks like it’ll fly if i go fast enough

  • robin yates

    and it’s all electric !

  • tetragrammaton

    Citroen Survolt concept supercar in a word “GAY”

  • Equalizer

    I want one for Christmas!

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