Daily Afternoon Randomness (27 Photos)

  • josh

    That is a cool wallet – anyone know where I can get one?

  • steward

    jim and pam just got suddenly less attractive

  • forward

    first photo took a second but i lol’d

  • Ken

    I believe that the fellow in #21 has reached a crossroads. Is that Tom Hanks from “Castaway?”

    #’s 10 and 11….nice!

    #18 Cute but bad ass at the same time. A good way to be.

    • Rusty

      ‘… when they pry it from my cold, dead hamsters … ‘

  • sock puppet

    #5 must have been taken at the Antiques Roadshow.

  • evilorstupid

    Oh man, several people got to the Do Epic Shit flyer before me. I hope it’s still an option.

  • getfragged

    To the one who turned on the bat signal, thank you.


    is #11 a ass crack? nice……….

  • Dat Thing

    #1 Gets Knight Rider of the Year award!!

    • Dat Thing

      Not Bad, I can take the Vince Photo, I thought it was goiong to be “Your Mamma”

  • Nateb123

    I generally think cosplay is stupid but #24 has single-handedly changed my mind.

    • Brandon

      I believe she’s supposed to be a character from the Devil May Cry series?

      • Nateb123

        Nope. It’s Morrigan from Darkstalkers

  • dea9

    Is 16 Sarah Silverman?

    • Anonymous

      thats what i thought

      • Dave

        I don’t know, but she needs to get off the pot so that other girl can go.

        • top dog

          I think the other girl is already going…in the sink from the looks of it. I guess she couldn’t wait.

  • OhNo

    im sorry but i have a huge fear of spiders so i prolly wouldve died right then and there. #9 scares me half to death

    • Rachele

      I am there with you!

  • HellHathNoFury

    24 ftw
    If 16 isn’t Sarah Silverman, I’ll eat Hagrid’s pants

    • OneClownShoe

      I’ll eat Sarah Silvermans pants! 🙂

      • Jimmy Kimmel

        I used to eat Sarah Silverman… 😦

        • top dog

          I know you are a genius but, using somebody else real name can get you sued, quick. I just thought I’d throw that out there for ya.

  • etchasketchasaurus

    15 looks like they’re in Fangtasia from True Blood…..oh goth weirdos you humor me.

  • top dog

    Thats first photo is somebody having a Peter Griffin moment. And bat girl in #24, thats a well proportioned body, she can bite me anytime.

    • Anon

      Definitely one of the best Morrigan cosplay I’ve ever seen.

  • tommybhoy

    #24…till my penis falls off

  • F-oo

    Some people should not be allowed in public….
    Or outside of the Blood Feast parties, or whatever they’re called.

  • kp

    #11….nice and subtle!!!! I like it!

  • lalagl

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  • jose

    14 = lol

  • jcool

    number twenty four. A reason why i MIGHT go to comic con.

  • Big E

    27 — uh thats not even close to 57

  • Rick

    #24 hott!

  • Jake

    #24.. the best MORGAN ever!!!!!!

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