Finger food…no really (20 Photos)

Everything you see is either as small as your finger or smaller. I can’t tell you what they’re all made out of, but if I had to guess—win.
These food gems come via

  • Lolwut

    All the pics are previewed on the front page, just to let you know.

  • Mustafabeer

    That does make it easier to view the post!
    Is this how Valerie Bertinelli lost all that weight?

  • McBeastie

    Great…tiny food….awesome. Where are the boobs?

    • ing

      comment + pic = win

  • aaron

    You are all morons.
    the fingers are fake. they were giant sized props for a movie.
    the food is all regular size.
    why do you think they only show fingers against them?

    • Joey

      What?! You got to be kidding me! Your stupidity tickles me

    • Ryan

      WRONG!!!!! Dont be a dumbass and a hater, the skin has way to much detail to be fake.

    • mook

      God damn it. You should all stop trying to think. This is how jesus died.

      • showtownman

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, Mook, you kill me.

  • Ken

    So, an artist wakes up one morning to the inspiration that (s)he is going to spend a tremendous amount of time making miniature replica meals…. ?

    Maybe it is for a movie or something. I hope so.

  • Anonymous

    what is this made of?

  • Quacodile

    Is it wrong to be totally turned on by this,
    I mean in the same way that midget porn turns me on?

  • Verona

    Cutest food EVER!

  • HellHathNoFury

    If it’s not big enough to make me hate myself for eating it later, it’s not real food.

  • getfragged

    Finally a diet plan where you can eat all you want and still lose the weight!

  • me

    damm ,,,,nice food for insects

  • oicutey

    Its made out of polymer clay and the artist sells these for doll houses.. the kind of doll house my mom could never afford.. lol only the super rich. you should see the furniture they make too! crazy cool stuff! Talent if you ask me.. and they are worth a lot of money!

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