• mark

    i’d totally hit wonderwoman provided they let me drink the whole keg

  • percy

    i like these guys

  • Indigo Girl

    oh my god check out the bulge in flash’s pants.

  • Paul winston

    some committed more than others

  • i hate my JOB

    this group knows something we don’t. i can feel it

  • loards

    i gotta say that’s pretty fun. the superman jerry curl is epic

  • jeff in Australia

    I think they should be…

    • David

      Not that I’m staring… but wtf is hanging from Batman’s utility belt? Looks like someone tried to swipe a credit card and it got stuck!

  • ClarkKent

    Wow, a Wonder Woman who is among a bunch of zeros, but because she put her floppies in a push up bra she’s now a 3 instead of a 0. And you know ALL of those dudes want to bang her. But she’s the goofy nerd girl with f’d up teeth waiting for her pretty anime prince to come along. All of them will stop being friends with her because she banged an anime fan. But the Chubby Hawkgirl will still be her friend because none of the superguys want her even though she’s STILL out of their league (being female and all) but eventually she’ll start to hate Wonder Woman because WW is now into anime cosplay trying to land that anime guy for good but she starts feeling bad about herself because he also hangs out with ‘hot’ cosplay girls. So WW takes out her self loathing feelings on Hawkgirl. They stop being friends and Hawkgirl ends up fucking anyone who’ll have her hairy backed ass. She becomes addicted to meth and loses 110 lbs but her teeth come with it. Eventually most of the guys in the original superhero group have ‘girlfriends’ (some are internet based only) who like World of Warcraft just as much as they do and they all start getting jobs around town to pay for their attempts at families. Meanwhile back in Cosplay town, WW has given up trying to keep her pretty anime guy and trolls for the next five years hating on any hot cosplay girl that gets posted up…

    All because they had to be the fucking justice league…

    • MaKent

      People having fun! Let's ruin it!

      I also just heard that guitar hero does not make you a real band. Discuss.

  • Rob

    Ha ha! Yes, my picture made it. These were all dorks at a comic con in Chicago. They were so proud when I asked if I could get a photo of them. Check out emo batman. I laughed for weeks after this one.

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