Radest Ghettoblasters ever

We’re missing Marty McFly’s giant boom-box, of course, but you get the point.

  • jeff in Australia

    I have a small transistor radio that fits neatly into my pocket..
    I call it my gecko blaster..

  • http://www.freewebs.com/555666 Irwin109

    No matter how old they get they’re still fricking cool!

  • Nokushi

    Number 5 is sweet with the built-in TV.

  • dos santos

    With a keyboard inclued !! I could never think of that !

  • SreyaNotfilc

    #26 is the raddist. No doubt!

    • Rusty

      26 was from … I think it was a Panasonic ad, but I don’t recall for sure. The point of it was that the speakers in your car could be so good that you’d want to carry them everywhere you go.

      Dashboard is from a Saab 900S.

  • Anon

    Does #20 have a TURNTABLE?! That’s fresh.

    • turbojoe

      yup my boy had that one…..that is "Excalibur"

  • Ken

    I haven’t seen an iPod with disco lights, Baby! #14 FTW.

  • Robi5150

    I bet the battery companies LOVED these things! #14 looks like it would go through 10 D cells in about half an hour.

  • singletrackgeek

    I used to have one of those boomboxes that LL Cool J is leaning on…awesome!

  • ass party

    #10. Yeah, you had to have the Sharp GF-777Z. Its the goddamn holy grail. They’re going for around a K these days.

    • Spunky

      Indeed I had a treble 7, lasted years too 🙂

  • ifearnoman

    No Soundwave from Transformers?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Ya dang whippersnappers and yer gol-danged iPods. Why in my day, we had to carry a 15 lb ghettoblaster across the hood, both ways!

    • dumdum

      that’s funny. you win the internet.

  • goposaur

    I used to have a “Yorx” AM/FM, dual cassette, AND 8-track. giggidy

  • dr3w

    All these are way Ghetto-er than any of my ‘blasters… BADASSSSS

  • vitorla

    Tubular jambox brah!

  • Luki

    holy shit i have #16 is still in my room wow and I was thinking of selling it but thanks to the chive i will cherish it forever and pass it on to my future generation so we i die they can go to antiques roadshow and the guy will be like “well sir , you got ghettoblaster boggie on bitch boggie on”

  • skeeter

    Mine comes on wheels and you have to put quaters in it to make it work.Thats how I bought my boat.

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    […] Check out some of the raddest Ghettoblasters ever – [The Chive] […]

  • never_to_return

    No one living in the ghetto has ever used the term “rad” to describe anything. Ever.

  • shanique

    Saw this on http://ghettoredhot.com too. Funny as shhh.

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Anomanom

    Lasonic still makes ghetto blasters too. Check the i931 and i931x. Instead of a tape deck its got a socket for your ipod dawg.

  • Dave

    That looks like Kid Freeze from the Dynamic Rockers, in the first photo, rocking the Lee suit and the Cazal glasses. He's credited with inventing the continuous headspin.

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