We need more Ukrainian protesters here in America (9 Photos)

russia lead We need more Ukrainian protesters here in America (9 Photos)

Disappointed with the Ukraine’s poor showing in the Winter Olympics, these scorching reds staged a protest called ‘Cows on Ice’.

  • Ryan

    First!! Wait is it still cool to be first?

    • MacheteJack

      “Still”? No, it is not cool.

    • jaydub2xx

      you mean was it EVER cool to be first….

      header photo….that is one long butt

    • LOL

      Saying “First” just for the sake of being first is stupid. Now if you have a witty comment that happens to be first, then yeah, it’s cool…but only if you don’t comment on the fact that you’re first. It’s like knowing you have a 9 inch cock. You know it, but you don’t have to advertise it. Just be glad you’ve got it. 😉

      These girls are pretty…but that’s just weird. The title of this gallery could just as easily be “Chicks are bizarre no matter where they’re from.” 😛

      • TheGuy

        I have a nine inch cock

        • Nateb123

          CWDs need not apply

      • jeff in Australia

        The way I made mine into 9″ was to fold it in half..

  • eddie murphy

    they are ukranians not russians. seriously who writes these aticles?

    • John

      corrected title, Eddie Murphy Richard Pryor. I wrote the article. Welcome to the chive btw, you must be new here – this is where people come to look at hot chicks, photobombs, retarded people, and douchebags. Here in America, I my geocentric view of other countries is distilled down to ‘America’ and ‘Everywhere Else’. I almost said these chicks were from North Korea ’cause that’s how much I care.

      • showtownman

        Um, yo’, John, if you really are writing anything connected to the Chive, you oughtta calm your act down. I mean, we like the daily pile o’ images ‘n all…. but don’t be a douchebag. You/the Chive gives people the space to be idiots; let ’em. And by the way, saying “the Ukraine” is like saying “the France” or “the Germany.” You know, just to give you a chance to rag on me, too.

        • Bender

          * said the comment troll who just wants to see if john responds

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Eddie Murphy with Richard Pryor as an avatar.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    The nerve of them… They are bad girls who deserve a good spanking. Thats right, dirty girl need daddy to put her over… oh, sorry, I’ll be quiet now!

    • nelly02

      ha ha ha! nice! i’m with you on that one.

  • Steven Daniels

    ….and pwnt by chive owner

    • Mustafa_Beer

      and John must be in a good mood. Imagine the wrath of Chive if he unleashed the fury!

      • HellHathNoFury

        I’ve been unleashed. Why do people always expect so much from me?

        • Mustafa_Beer

          Because we are getting to know just how much you enjoy your station in life. Each piece of the puzzle fits somewhere

          • HellHathNoFury

            Sometimes it’s so nice to feel depreciated.

            • evilorstupid

              We depreciate your depreciation of your depreciated status.

  • Mattythegooch

    Tell Eddie Muprhy, I said have a Coke and smile and shut the fuck up!!!

  • top dog

    You know…..she got a nice ass.

  • garp

    …I’m telling ya, the Ukraine is imploding due to chernoybl spawned bad potates that are leading to excess levels of intestinal gas production…these whacked out broads and the collapse this morning of their entire government is frightening…beer me

  • Jay

    I would love to see the photos of the men on here posting things such as “The nerve of them… They are bad girls who deserve a good spanking. Thats right, dirty girl need daddy to put her over… oh, sorry, I’ll be quiet now”. You more than likely would not stand a chance with any of these girls.

    • Jozsef


    • Mustafa_Beer

      Silent Bob called… He said STFU. Apparently, Johns comments to Eddie Murphy were to deep for you to comprehend!

  • lokomon pojat

    vittu mitä kissoja

  • name

    I support your cause! What ever it was… mmm… Ukrainian models… I’m moving to Ukraine!

  • me

    pretty girls.nothing to do wish i was there…

  • damn

    #3 – anyone else notice the brown?

  • me

    damn says:
    March 4, 2010 at 8:59 am

    #3 – anyone else notice the brown?

    good eyes youre right

  • Jon without the h

    Why can’t we have protesters like this in the US? Are we that prudish? Damn…

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