Wooden computer, keepin’ it classy (8 Photos)

These photos via the classy people over at picdumps.com.

  • Blake

    In the office, or the building where these are made, do you think they have wooden computers? Or is it a sort-of “do as i say, not as i do” thing?

  • http://powersticks.wordpress.com powersticks

    I want to know how they make them.

  • Dingo

    i now want to kill a few trees to make a wooden computer case….i’ll need the rare wood of the Brazilian cherry oak! COME MITTENS!

  • tt

    I can’t see anything under all the freaking watermarks.

    • ?

      because you, sir, are blind

  • wastefull

    yea its impossible to see through those damn watermarks. all this stuff is actually made of bamboo you can buy it at microcenter they have a website to. not that much more than a regular keyboard

  • Regina

    uuhhh China…as if the shit you’ve got already isn’t enough

  • random

    So now its possible for your keyboard and mouse to catch fire.

    • yeahsure

      Plastic can catch fire too you trombloid.

  • random

    Next step is a granite or marble keyboard and mouse?

  • mook

    Am I the only one who thinks… Wooptie fucking doo, a wooden cased computer…

    Mods like these were appearing in 1990

  • Keli

    This makes everything so completely panliess.

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