Girls with guitars…FAN-TASTIC (20 Photos)

If these ladies strap on a semi-automatic weapon I might just go blind.
These guitar heroins came via

  • nvrenuf

    I love guitar hero soft core!

  • TheRealSnowman

    Guitars? What guitars?!

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that you can’t even have a whole post of guitars and chicks without half of them being video game controllers. not that I’m complaining about the chicks but come on now

  • Anonymous

    sudden urge to learn guitar

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  • Tim

    number 5 just reminds me of jenny from forest gump

  • Unkle Jake

    a bass is a guitar, a guitar hero controller is not…that is all

  • not duped

    You mean half naked girls with guitars, or guitar-shaped video game controllers…

  • yanik

    Silly and inflated. The really hot girls with guitars _can play guitar_

  • matt

    this is good too… this chick is going to be in Tron 2!

  • Langolier3000

    #9 downloading the clip right now

  • northerner

    All gorgeous. Loved #14 but her Brazilian wax job spoiled it…somewhat. I like to see at least a little bit of hair…adds to the mystery…

  • manguaco
  • jc1303

    #20 will do for me. Ibanez PGM300RE, just beautiful

  • SynysterJr

    If I get the guitar that comes with the girl aswell then I think I’d pick #10 steal the Jackson Randy Rhoads off of her then kick her out lol

    But then #18 and #20 I’d keep the girls and the guitars lol

  • Always Last


  • annanimous

    5 wins for me im a sucker for acoustic

  • chivexpress

    #3 Yes you are allowed

  • Lou

    #3 and #17 Way better than Eric Clapton.

  • Guitarplayer007

    Nice girls

  • grunt 653

    What! No classical?

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