Transpofail (14 photos)

  • Anonymous

    is that legal?

  • confused

    is that legal?

  • NERDS!

    #9 is a crop sprayer, nothing fail about that.

    • nosferatu

      That’s what I was thinking. It’s just a high boy.

  • Ken

    Bombcycle is The Bomb.

    • dougster3000

      Quite sweet.

      • garp

        …Wily E. Coyote enginering at its finest

        • HellHathNoFury

          meep, meep!

  • top dog

    I guess it DO take all kinds to make a world.

  • Brandon

    How else are you supposed to transport a fridge, a couch, or 5 mattresses?

  • Durant

    Damn its nice to see Australia featuring for change…..
    Yup, all the mattresses are from Oz, strange as it seems it quite common.
    And the boat in the Statesman boot too.
    The Mitsu Express van with the trayback cover as well.

  • inspectmyclouseau

    #1-idk whats worse those idiotic, pretentious rims on that car or the lame tow job.
    #2&7-ive never been in that situation so you do what u gotta do. Moving.vehicle. seems like a WIN to me. If you were in 7’s shoes could you make that thing? not i

  • somethings

    How the hell is number 9 a fail?

  • goposaur

    Acme motorcycle FTW

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  • Rockstar

    number 7 is actually a farming vehicle.its multi purpose

  • Der Alpha Geek

    12 = WIN!

  • hd4

    $70 to deliver a refrigerator? I don’t blame the guy in #4

  • Rick

    Only a couple of these are fail. The rest are ballsy wins.

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