• HimAgain

    Facebook? What did the chive turn 14 today?

  • Hans

    Facebook? What the fuck is facebook. Is your server out of space? Fuck facebook, put it here!

  • Regina

    SERIOUSLY..FACEBOOK???!!!!…..ugh grow up kids……it’s about time

  • Snarker

    Facebook, unlike theCHIVE, has the amazing ability to actually show 30 photos when it says it has 30.

  • God

    I will not become a fan on Facebook. This is not Facebook. If I want to see galleries on The Chive, I’ll go to

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  • Superfresh


  • Confucius

    Consensus : we do not like facebook

  • No1

    Again… We come HERE for pics. Why in the hell is a PHOTO BLOG posting their photos on a social networking site???

    If you want to duplicate them there, fine. But don’t make us go to FB.

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  • david

    I stopped facebook a looooonnnnng time ago

  • cody

    wtf chive…. youve done so well hus far. way to drop the ball.

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