• cindy calfrey

    i think he’s hot

    • yeah

      yeah give the jew killer an oscar

      • Anonymous

        Just a movie… Sheesh

      • Alan

        Inglorious Basterds is a movie that succeeds in all aspects of flim. Great work Tarantino, and THIS guy is the jewel of the film. Only a great actor could make everything seem so real and original.



    • Erril

      That’s a Bingo

  • swimmer ear

    lmao. even his his normal life you can still hear the Col. in him

  • STan

    seriously, do it

  • park wilder

    his performance was fucking awesome

  • tilly

    i’ve been a fan of his for a long time. he’s a class act

  • lance

    here here!

  • Larry not cable

    that role was so full of win

  • whistler bay

    The hosts for the Oscars are pretty awesome too

  • polterguys

    that’s pretty cool

  • Andrew

    he was good yeah, award worthy? meh

    • Will

      Andrew, I’m going to assume, for your sake that you’re 15 years old and just don’t know any better because if you’re not, then I have to assume your retarded and had your mom/caretaker type that for you

      • uber guy

        @ Will, ROFL

      • Ryan


  • wkfnavlow

    tarantino is quiet smart
    the movie sucks anyway

    • J

      really wfknavlow? wow, what the hell are you even talking about

    • dlusionalstate

      quiet smart?

  • Bill and Ted

    No, no academy awards, but this movie has certainly burned itself into my soul.

    The actors fit perfectly like wet clothes; I just want to escape the situation but cannot. They were all so good. Sorry, but I freakin’ loved it.

  • x-nun

    I hate to ask but I’m going to do it anyway. What movie is this?

    • top dog

      Inglorious Basterds. Damn good movie with some damn good acting. I don’t know what Tarantion was trying to do in this movie, but whatever it was, he pulled it off.

  • l33td00d

    o hai guise wut is going on in thsi interwebs??

  • pookie

    that guy is a master of tension

  • ballriddler

    sounds DELICIOUS

  • wills

    This guy was awesome in the movie, he had this whole Bastard Tension thing going on. He was nice but inside you knew he loved to torture kitties….. A well deseved Oscar and for once the award did not go to some prearranged actor.

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