Sophia Vergera is retarded hot (20 Photos)

sophia lead Sophia Vergera is retarded hot (20 Photos)

I watch ‘Modern Family’ religiously because Sophia Vergera is just that scorching. I seriously wouldn’t last 10 seconds with this goddess. Check out WWTDD for an lewd and accurate synopsis of her beauty.

  • Indigo Girl

    i want those and i have pretty decent tits

    • Joey

      Go on….

    • bbadd

      prove it slut!!!!

    • bbadd

      talk is cheap bitch i want you to prove it!!!!!!

  • slutifer

    6 is my favourite

  • Bob

    #8 nom nom nom

  • obadiaha

    All natural and a MILF as well…

  • Woody

    She’s like a smoking hot version of Catherine Zeta Jones…

    • Mustafa_Beer

      I found older pics of CZJ… dead on balls accurate. ( thats an industry term)

  • Turf&Surf2100

    Not a cool title Chive

    • Joey

      Dont be retarded

    • loards

      you must be retarded. don’t want to put words in people’s mouths but i’m pretty sure the chive doesn’t give a fuck what you think

    • trig

      settle down, mom.

  • top dog

    OHHH DAMN THATS SEXY!! But I hate it when they hide the camel toe #4.

  • Joey

    Oh my god dude yes!

  • 2400cc

    Smokin’ hot….

  • yourself posed

    she really is on a whole other level. retarded hot. perfect title

  • supadave

    you KNOW she is the #1 reason why modern family is doing so well. and deservedly so – she’s the only reason i watch it.

  • Chryous

    And THAT’S why her nickname is Viagra.

  • ozzie

    can we add you to lowerbackproblemsville Indigo girl??Yea sophia is hot.Chive guys need to watch more spanish Tv for beauties like these

  • yoyomah

    Quit lusting over my future wife!

  • Big Bob

    I had never heard of her before Modern Family so I looked up her bio on IMDB. I was surprised to see that she will turn 38 this July. I expected her to be in her mid 20’s. Talk about aging well! My favorite pics here are #3 and 4. It’s women like her that make me think “Thank you God!”

  • olis

    dime piece

  • Mattythegooch

    #2…Titties on the half shell.

  • sup


    • nvrenuf

      sup..i just copied them too, and now my copies are all sticky! eeeewwww! thanks alot!

  • nvrenuf

    indigo … I think you might have submitted a great title for the next Chive collection.

  • Andrea

    Her name is actually Sofia Vergara, not Sophia Vergera.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Whatever. We all know it’s Sophia Viagra.

      • P-90

        Do you know what the medical name for Viagra is?

  • Shadow Sterks

    Just wow (no more words)

  • Anonymous

    Latin chicks FTW

  • ChrisDG74


  • ass party

    I don’t care if she’s retarded, I wouldn’t kick her outta bed.

  • Markkens

    4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4 oh 4

    haunt my dreams you lovely woman!

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