Consolidated technology for the betterment of nobody (30 Photos)

As you can see, the whiz’s over at worth1000 made these innovative shitstorms. All images were created for an art contest at using Worth1000’s new browser-based editing software, Aviary ( Gotta love innovation.

  • Ken

    I’d believe that #s 11 (credit card TP dispenser) and 16 (internet mug) could actually be marketed.

    I wish #21 (rocket armed car) was real. I’d be all over that. Could make that morning commute interesting.

    #26 (port-O-potty + water cooler) is gross.

  • Mattythegooch

    Not a damn thing wrong with 8 OR 21, not a damn thing.

  • Nick4444

    Just what I always wanted. A hammer with a scope.

  • top dog

    Some of that makes no sense what so ever. I like the cigarette lighter phone though. It would be a big cigarette lighter or a really small phone.

  • Wade

    I would pay good money for #21

  • matty

    #3 looks like an updated version of the Bathroom Buddy from Gremlins

  • ass party

    I hate it when my staples is stucked.

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  • me

    lot looks shopped??right

  • Em

    #8’s actually a pretty cool idea. A lot of people have TVs in their kitchens already. Why not save some space?

  • MichaelGS

    lazer-guided fork FTW? anybody? just me then

  • Pepue

    Number 27 is a Fail, error 404 is not found, it should’ve been error 500 (an internal error).


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