Hot Right Now: WARNING: Dangerous curves ahead (26 Photos)

Consolidated technology for the betterment of nobody (30 Photos)

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As you can see, the whiz’s over at worth1000 made these innovative shitstorms. All images were created for an art contest at using Worth1000’s new browser-based editing software, Aviary ( Gotta love innovation.

  • Ken

    I’d believe that #s 11 (credit card TP dispenser) and 16 (internet mug) could actually be marketed.

    I wish #21 (rocket armed car) was real. I’d be all over that. Could make that morning commute interesting.

    #26 (port-O-potty + water cooler) is gross.

  • Mattythegooch

    Not a damn thing wrong with 8 OR 21, not a damn thing.

  • Nick4444

    Just what I always wanted. A hammer with a scope.

  • top dog

    Some of that makes no sense what so ever. I like the cigarette lighter phone though. It would be a big cigarette lighter or a really small phone.

  • Wade

    I would pay good money for #21

  • matty

    #3 looks like an updated version of the Bathroom Buddy from Gremlins

  • ass party

    I hate it when my staples is stucked.

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  • me

    lot looks shopped??right

  • Em

    #8’s actually a pretty cool idea. A lot of people have TVs in their kitchens already. Why not save some space?

  • MichaelGS

    lazer-guided fork FTW? anybody? just me then

  • Pepue

    Number 27 is a Fail, error 404 is not found, it should’ve been error 500 (an internal error).


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