Someone in the world gets Pwned every 2.5 minutes (21 photos)

  • Ken

    I’m ignernt and I admit it. What is the origin of using the ‘p’ instead of an ‘o’ in “pwned?”

    I hope #8 (giant wave) is shopped. #9 (parasailor) doesn’t look good but I want to see what happens next!

    A cria is no match for the piranah. The Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas has a mini-aquarium with a nice piranha display. When i was there the tourists all stood in a line staring at the piranha behind and glass and the piranha all swam in a parallel line and stared right back at the tourists. It was bizarre!

    I wonder if there is a lug wrench to fit a dog’s head?

    • knuckledonkey

      The ‘P’ key is next to ‘O’ key and ignernt hit when trying to type it.

      • patton303

        That could be the best f__king band name ever….
        Get ready for…..
        Ignernt Hit !

      • NerdTron5000

        the origin of the word pwn derives from a warcraft game in which a programer misspelled the word “own” it was suppose to say “you got owned” but came out you got “pwned”

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Go ahead surfer guy in #8… crap yourself. Who’s gonna notice?

  • wastefull

    you just got pwned becuase you spelled ignorant as ignernt…pwned. terrible parking job in number 21..owned

    • Brandon

      And you just got owned because you missed the reply button

      • NickthedicK

        and misspelled because

    • modianos

      f’rills! we all be knowin its ignant.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Ewe just got pwnd. Srsly. In pic 4.

      • FurylessInSeattle


  • squiggy80

    #13 a new breed of bearwolves to roam the earth.

    • isawoj

      There is a lot more inter-species screwing going on than I was aware of.

  • Regina

    Yeah…….now I know the kind of fish to purchase for my aquarium

    • jeff in Australia

      And your going to clean it by putting your ha…. Oh… no that wouldn’t work..
      Would be a great talking point tho… and they are quite nice to look at..
      You try it first, then maybe I’ll get some. If I never read your comments on here again I will know you can’t type, then I won’t.

      • Fuzzybeard2016

        Only if I were wearing 2 layers of chain mail shoulder length gloves with a *THICK* Kevlar glove between the 2 layers!

  • ass party

    19 reminds of a Skittles commercial when everything dude touches turns into Skittles. I found that largely humorous.

  • top dog

    Pic #1 is why they have toys for kids and toys for grown ups. Even the toy know when you are too big to play on it. They will send you coffee pot over tea kettle every time.

  • P-90

    13) Some joke about wolves preferring it bearback.

  • Dave

    I don’t get it, how is the girl in #7 pwned?

    • Sako

      Not sure, but look at the bulge near her crotch. Is she doing herself? Is her pwning herself???

  • Nagrom

    #3. One word.


  • FurylessInSeattle

    #3…was that range ball really worth it?

    • HellHathNoFury

      When Cucumbers Attack

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  • McBeastie

    Is #7 pwnd because she’s about to be date-raped? Not sure I get it otherwise.

  • Anaition

    13 -> dances w/ wolves

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