STOP sign vandalism… or art? (29 photos)

  • Brandon

    First one is on Elm Street. Should have been "Stop…Falling Asleep"

    • Fernando

      This is essentially the same as sukcing the air out of a bottle and letting it stick to your face/lip/tongue. Plus the improvement to blood flow would be pretty profound since there is less outside air pressure squeezing your skin down onto your blood vessels. Why so squeamish?

  • cj

    18 total butterface

  • confused

    Some of these are good rest are shite

    • Tubes

      welcome to the interet

    • Tubes

      welcome to the internet

  • top dog

    Funny stuff.

  • Marianne

    5 of those are from Denton TX. … we hate our stop signs.

  • Cydonia

    My favorite is the one in my town altered to say “Stoop Kid.”

  • at work

    damn hippies

  • Regina

    “can’t STOP Chivin'”

  • Hot Carl

    stop farts FTW.

  • rcjaos

    why do people have to pull a heavy and put their f’ing political agenda in this medium?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Stop, collaborate and listen was my favorite.

    • donuteyes

      rob van winkle ftw

      • P-90

        ‘Ninja, ninja rap!’.

  • dentonbeard

    Finally, Denton’s gettin respeck

  • bentle

    hahaah classic… love the infected mushroom poster in the one the one that says “stop farts” (26) lol

  • philb

    Saw one in Vancouver that said “Mark, STOP masturbating”. Favorite one ever.

  • dr3w

    29 would be hilarious if it wasn’t serious.

  • sara

    amen to 29!

  • r486

    29 seriously needs to happen, it amazing that sick practice continues to happen, just disgusting anyone could force genital cutting on another human being

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  • zach

    the non-political ones are pretty good

  • Leonel

    In Pontiac, Michigan there's one that says "STOP eating ham" WTF Detroit?

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