There’s something about Thai women, man (8 Photos)

That’s right, these dudes are in town to compete in the Miss Ladyboy pageant in Thailand. Perverts.

  • Xad

    That either means thai men are very feminine looking or thai women are very manly looking.

  • Jake

    Was going to say..I’ve seen better at the local Chili Thai restaurant here.

  • Pai

    @Xad, Neither. It’s just means that Thai ladyboys are amazingly beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with this vast binge of pretend-fragile masculinity in the comments. So you find beautiful transgendered women attractive. It’s not clever or funny to pretend that’s surprising.

  • Necrosis

    I for one, would fuck each and every one of them . I don’t care if they happen to have penises, as long as I’m the one on top ;]

    • zl


  • jethro

    i don’t think i have ever seen a thai female

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  • heh

    IT’S A TRAP!!

  • redneck

    i would bang every one them. you people that get sicked out by the fact that they have penises are probably just closet homos. I’m not gay, but an attractive “female” is an attractive female, regardless if they have some extra bits

  • uh

    I thought it was obvious it would be revealed they were men as soon as it was mentioned they were Thai. I was thinking “impressive”; it is impressive, especially compared to most caucasian trannies.

  • Bees

    sorry i dont care what chive says for kicks, no way most of them are men. no adams apple on most, flawless tits on the others. Id hit it with no regrets.

  • Whaaa

    When trying to screw them, you BANG COCK.

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  • me

    nooooooooooo ….u got me on this on thechive!!!

    strange????most of the guys really appear to have women features

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  • Sazuke

    what’s the problem? if you find them attractive, it’s ok to fap. it’s 2010. human race is evolving, you know?

  • DickChick

    Lucky bitches get to start hormones when they’re young. Everywhere else it’s usually oppress and/or repress ’til your 20s after testosterone does its damage.

  • :))

    i’m affraid of thai women, they cand be anytime woMEN

  • Rich

    Eh, Id still take the blowjob if i was drunk enough.

  • Monkey

    2nd to last pic on the right… is that one of the Kardashian sisters?

  • kp

    Fred would hit it!

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  • no wayman91

    Ok the first three pics I couldn’t tell,but the rest of them looked too………funny.

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