There’s something about Thai women, man (8 Photos)

That’s right, these dudes are in town to compete in the Miss Ladyboy pageant in Thailand. Perverts.

  • saurabh1109

    u r looking very cute

  • The Chuck Man

    guilible people lol, this site is like the onioin. No real news reported here ! too funny. Thailand doesnt have THAT many ladyboys…and get this: ladyboys, trannies, crossdressers. whatever..are ALL OVER THE WORLd in every culture. yes even pygmies in the outback.

    Is that true? oh I dont have a site to prove it? lol think about the sources here too …just too funny.

    I myself find at least 3 reputable sources before believing anything. to believe is to be-lie remove the lies so all you have left is truth. To blindly do that without fact checking is foolish at best.

  • Random

    I don’t care, “girl” 2 in pic 7 I’d tap, really cute. But a few of the others yea I could pick out as a mangirl.

  • Random

    Pic 4* sorry, typo.

  • Equalizer

    You mean Thai Gays are more Hot than American Women!

  • Random

    They must have had really good surgeons.

  • Mazzachre

    Old news really… And ya, these Thai “girls” are really hot!

  • andyb

    Who CARES! I LOVE them, they’re BEAUTIFUL!

  • @andreatdariva

    hello seek geo

    • @andreatdariva

      you here me seekies

  • Flicka

    Since this isn't a new trick from the chive, the "man" in the title clued me in.

  • John

    There's a whole bunch of photos from the 2011 Miss Tiffany's Universe elimination round here:

  • Mohammedamin

    Jun19 2011 in bangkok for me sex ladyboys send tome

  • shattereddreams

    I still would ha ha

  • dave

    Very nice if you're a fan of that. However, most blokes tend to get caught unawares.

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