Animals, despite popular belief, are amazing (33 Photos)

Don’t call ’em cute. These animals are certified badass.

  • krisb

    That Black Panther pic IS AMAZING!

    • Matt

      holy shit yes it is.

    • mook


  • Roscoe

    What, exactly, is amazing about #6. Just a fat cat laying around…. Now, #28 is an amazing picture of a cat!!!

  • avid chiver

    oh really, the popular belief is that animals are lame or smth?!
    seriously chive admins, grow the fuck up…

  • Your Underpants

    I wish I was a bear, then I could do bear stuff.

  • Zenra

    Anyone else find #15 disturbing?

    • jeff in Australia

      Particularly the way it is licking it’s lips. Killer whales are beautiful animals, penguins are cute, guess nature does not discriminate. To make it even more disturbing, how many of the little guys would it take to make the whale full…?
      All of the pics are wonderful though, even taking out the cute factor.

  • dick boots

    Isn’t #10 the invasive giant jellyfish that’s damaging the ecosystem in the waters off of Japan? Cuz if it is….

  • CudiZonin

    # reminds me of some Jaegermeister

  • CudiZonin


  • Anonymous

    #12 hay lookz i haz duK!

  • Weezy

    I think 15 is awesome. Go orca.

  • Brandon


  • bodombeats

    That cat in #6 reminds me of my cat…fat and lazy just like me haha

  • dr3w

    Man… animals kick ass. PIles of ass.

  • P-90

    #22 Awwwwww cute.

  • snake

    #26 gorgeous demonik beast!!!

  • Jade

    #15 (Orca) looks ‘shopped. The orca just doesn’t look right.

    #12 is a Shoebill Stork … eating a duck. They are MASSIVE, odd-looking birds.

    #8 is a Common Kingfisher. They’re related to kookaburras (just about the cutest birds).

    • erm

      Actually i saw the full set of pics for number 12.
      It doesnt actually eat the duck but just picks it up and moves it aside.
      Apparently the duck was very lucky not to have been eaten.

  • Chinese

    #4 is Machu Picchu. I have similar pictures of that place.

    • HellHathNoFury

      It’s the llamas that make it so awesome….right?

  • MichaelGS

    #30 badass? unless its a ninja hamster out of stealth mode, then it most certainly is

  • Kevin

    lol @ #23

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  • SAK

    If I had a tongue like the giraffe’s then I would probably be able to get and keep a girlfriend.

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